Bofors Gunner MM for actions in Canterbury Raid

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    I found an intersting news report in Yorkshire Evening Post of 28th November 1942 regarding Gunner Sidney Francis' actions in an air raid on Canterbury. From the date I am assuming that the raid was the "Baedeker" raid on the 31st October 1942 by FW190's of JG2 and JG26

    The only record I can find for the MM award is to:

    111254447 FRANCIS Sidney Arthur 73 LAA Regiment Royal Artillery, gazetted 26th November 1942.

    The news report appears two days after the award is gazetted. I can't find the citation and the reference gives Midddle East as Theatre?

    Does anyone know if the 73 LAA Regiment were in Kent at this time?

    Many thanks


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    good day guy hudson gunner mm.for action in canterbury raid.a most interesting post,a revealing link,thank you for posting.a great thumbnail of a deserving winner of mm.regards bernard85

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    By this date, it was no longer Baedeker Raids but the hit-and-run raids by FW190s and Me109s: perfect for 40mm Bofors gunners.
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    Using another name on LG list - Langmaid - I've just checked the MM file for that LG date and most recommendations are for men attached to LRDG or L Det SAS...

    Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 23.21.33.png

    However, there is usually a note on the copy of LG filed along with the recommendations if a citation is missing from the names appearing on LG list,
    This LG copy has an * next to Gunner Francis' name
    Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 23.24.36.png

    Seems to be something of a circular journey, I'm afraid, since the other newspaper report mentioned in post 1 is also of the same date.
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