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    Are they really “fake” photos......I don’t think so. They are REAL photos, but, like thousands of wartime pics, staged. Is the pic of the marines hoisting the “small flag” on Iwo faked?.....I may be pedantic but should we use the word “staged”?
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    I think faked is more appropriate in this case if the milkman is not a real milkman and the postman not a real postman - I think the men on Iwo were real marines and restaging something that actually happened.
  3. 2 Black Bands

    2 Black Bands Active Member could argue that we don't know what those 2 guys did before the war.....but that WOULD be pedantic :)

    I say "tomato"........ you say unobtainable red fruit!
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    Well those two guys were one (the same) guy for a start
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    Ahh, the old was de rigour in the war...... :)
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    From my collection, the slug states London and date stamped February 2nd 1941
    It was sent for distribution in the United States courtesy of International News Photo Agency of N.Y.C.

    The postmen bear a striking resemblance to the two photographed by George Rodger (Life) in Coventry, the morning after the devastating raid of 14th November 1940.
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    Don`t worry Owen I`m not posting a fourth link to that website but the comments section has been updated with further information ?

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