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    I'm carrying out some research for a project on the Belsen Trials.

    I can't seem to find any trace of any of the defence or prosecution team post trial. Does anyone have any info relating to the following individuals?

    Colonel T.M. Backhouse
    Major H.G. Murton-Neale
    Capt. S.M. Stewart
    Lt.-Col. L.J. Genn
    Major T C M Winwood

    Or alternatively, are there any individuals I've missed? Perhaps anybody that is still alive and has some connection to the trials? Or family member?

    Im particularly looking for those that served on the legal councils for defence and prosecution.


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  3. Tolbooth

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    Lt.-Col. L.J. Genn is, of course, better known as the well-known actor Leo Genn
    Leo Genn - Wikipedia
  4. Tolbooth

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    Looking at "The Belsen trial", by Raymond Phillips, published in 1949 there are several other Defending officers;

    Major A S Munro
    Major L S W Cranfield
    Captain D F Roberts, RA
    Major C Brown, RA
    Captain J H Fielden, RA
    Captain B W Corbally, MC
    Captain A H S Neave
    Captain J R Phillips, MC, RA
    Captain J M Boyd, RA
    Captain D E Munro
    Lieut A Jedrzejowicz

    Am not sure but A H S Neave may be Airey Neave, although his initials are A M S
  5. Robert-w

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    He was certainly involved in one of the war crime trials so I think that was him.
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  7. Harry Ree

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    Lieutenant Colonel A (Airey) M S Neave was not involved as you suggest....he was never a defending officer.

    He was responsible for Applications and Motions as an Official of the General Secretariat Counsel at the Nuremberg Trials.

    An example of his work is the Final Report of Witnesses,a task set by the Tribunal in March 1946 in preparation for the Nuremberg Trials....(the Avalon file reference refers to naeve not neave)

    Incidentally the report serves as one of the best informed structures of the NSDAP

    The Avalon Project : Nuremberg Trial Proceedings Volume 42
  8. Robert-w

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    I would certainly class that as being involved
  9. Harry Ree

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    Never a defending officer as you suggest and never a member of any prosecuting counsel.
  10. Jonathan Redden

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    Hello Joe

    Captain Arthur Neave served with the 1st Battalion, Black Watch
    He defended the following defendants at he Belsen Trial.;

    Ignatz Schlomoivicz
    Ilse Forster
    Ida Forster

    Captain Arthur Neave and the Bergen-Belson Trials -

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  11. timuk

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    Captain Neave also defended Klara Opitz.
    1st Belsen Trial
    Closing speech by Captain Neave
    1st Belsen Trial

    Edit: I am far from sure that this is Airey Neave despite the similarity of initials. Airey Neave was in the RA.
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    Hello Tim,
    Correct my mistake!

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