BEF Vehicle Arm of Service Markings (GHQ and others)

Discussion in '1940' started by Rich Payne, Oct 30, 2010.

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    You are right of course , never looked closely at the burnt out bodywork .
    I will slap myself around with a wet copy of ' Vehicle Markings of the BEF':D
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    The carrier 17 AOS plate does look very similar in style and I am sure I have seen a few more like this.
    Carriers seem particularly prone to not having any visible divisional markings unfortunately.
    Interestingly the 50th Div. Bedford also seems to carry a 17 plate.
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    Austin 7 staff car with GHQ AOS 49 of 2 Searchlight Regiment RA with two casualties still on board which I have blocked out as they may be identifiable. Caption said Boulogne.
    Craig s-l1600 (5)aaa.jpg
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    What do you make of the ace of clubs sign ?
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    Something specific to unit maybe? or pre war marking not painted out?
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    Could it be an early 3 Corps Marking?
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    12th Division had this marking I think but were with L of C troops in BEF .
    In slightly earlier post 997 a photo of one of the GHQ Field Regiments RA troops Bedford MW's has GHQ aos of 139 but is still showing the Fig Leaf of 3 Corps .
    Being having a conversation with someone interested in this artillery regiment and they were transferred from 3 Corps to GHQ in April 1940.
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    Digging a bit into 2 Searchlight, they had one battery in the defence of Boulogne.
    They only appeared to lose three officers in May 1940.
    So given the Austin 7 tended to be lowly Lieutenants transport and the dates there is one strong possibilty.
    But of course car could have been used by someone else.
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    I had a wade through CWGC and the war diary entries on this forum but came to no conclusions. I agree that it would be unusual with the car if there was not a junior officer present. The sign on the right mudguard still puzzles me.
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    Yes I waded through Geoffs Search Engine.
    It appears 6 Battery were in Boulogne .
    I wonder wether sign is to do with battery or troop as RA seemed fond of additional markings.
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    Could it be a `Clover Leaf` or `Shamrock`?

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    Anything's possible, Kyle. Nothing looks familiar !
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    Cannot real add any input on the subject matter but this image fits the title so I`ll post for others who have the knowledge.

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    Having the book to hand , No.1 = HQ and Antlers = 51st Highland Div.
    Writing says ' Anitfreeze Do Not Empty' not something I have seen before .
    Cliffs behind , so probably St. Valery or Veules Les Roses.
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    Having been there (a few years ago now....) I am going to agree with JCB that Mr Jink's Photo was taken in St Valery en Caux.....I think the veiw is along the Rue des Remparts looking towards the cliffs just to the east of the town where the 51st Division memorial is located. Here is a screenshot of how it looked in June 2019 in streetview:

    Screenshot 2020-10-04 232552.jpg

    Thanks for sharing the original photo Mr Jinks, I hadn't seen many actually taken in the town after the surrender on 12th June 1940. If the 1 = HQ 51st Division then would the one cars pictured purhaps be General Fortune's staff car?
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    It's not truly a 'staff car'. The divisional establishment at that time included a 'Car, Six-seater' for the Divisional Commander. There were nine 'Car, four seater' which would have been saloon types and three 'Car, two-seater' like this Austin 8hp Tourer issued to the Camp Commandant ' (a major), the Senior Chaplain and the Divisional Catering Advisor (A captain or Lieutenant).
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    Any idea what unit the depicted 3rd Division Bren Gun Carrier belongs to?
    Photo was taken in Zaventem (Belgium) along the N2 (Leuvensesteenweg).
    The refugees are coming from the direction of Leuven and are heading towards Evere (Brussels). The N2 makes a bend the photo. It is the point where the N262 (Grote Daalstraat) meets the N2. Also note the house in the background with the "Stella-Artois" advertisment. The house no longer exists. Now there is a Land Rover-dealer.

    Any help is most welcome.

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    Many many thanks Andy!

    According to the war diary of the 2 Bn. Grenadier Guards, the Battalion reached the Flemish village of Sint-Stevens-Woluwe (Woluwe-Staint-Etienne) at about 1700 hours on 11 May 1940. Zaventem (where this picture was taken) is situated adjacent to Sint-Stevens-Woluwe. In fact the photo is taken near the border with Sint-Stevens-Woluwe. Thus the Sergeant in the Bren Gun Carrier (probably commanding a carrier section) is guarding the main road entering Sint-Stevens-Woluwe.
    At about 1015 hours May 12th the Battalion proceeded towards Winksele and Herent (two villages situated near Leuven). So, this picture was taken on the 11th or the 12th of May 1940.

    Thanks again,
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