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    As far as I know, Combined Operations did send out teams to do recce's on several beaches along the German occupied cost...

    Does anyone know if this was done by one particulair (commando?) uit ????
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    I think you will find it was done by COPPs (Combined Ops Pilotage Parties).
    I am not sure of any references for War Diaries but presumably they come under Combined Ops.

    Have a look at this site for details of awards/roll of honour

    COPP - Special Forces - Roll Of Honour


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    I think that the SBS was also involved in Beach Recce and sand samples.
    I have seen a documentary of this kind of recce and at least one soldier was captured and was actually spoken to by Rommel and was not executed as per Hitlers standing order.


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    Thanks guys,
    Was the Small Scale raiding Force (SSRF) also involved ?
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    I dont think so, I think they operated in the Med as part of a harrying force, under the command of SAS/SBS HQ.
    They did small raids on enemy coastline but I think the COPPS did the recconaissance for the major landings, like sicily. italy, normandy, and the far east


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    I have spitting around a bit and come also across Layforce II (Hardtack, and Manacle operations) and Forfar Force (for the Forfar operations). Forfar Force was a small group after reorganisation and was a continuation in a new form of the SSRF.
    Forfar was formed from men of 2 SBS and No.10 IA Commando, while for the hardtack ops French Trop of 10 IA Commando (and No4 Commando provided men for the Manacle ops.
    In May 44 also a series of ops were undertaken known as 'Tarbrush' About 11 in total, also carried out by the French of 10 IA Commando
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