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Discussion in 'Royal Engineers' started by tuffer, Aug 16, 2010.

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    If I had to choose one site to represent the "common soldier" of a typical British infantry Div it would always be Ron Tee's site.

    Many thanks for the current link !

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    I have a copy of Ronald Tee's book "A British Soldier Remembers" which I think was excellent. I am quite happy to pass it on for free to anyone in England. PM me if you want it.

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    Just spotted your note on the "Ark Royal" Sorry to but in your thread, but my Grandfather worked on the design for this ship. He said the flotation tanks were placed length ways so it would stay afloat for longer than the "Titanic". I think it did and lots more lives were saved. He was awarded an British Empire Medal, for his work at Camell Lairds.
    House mouse
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    Hello to the Battleaxe div. Blog.
    I have mentioned him before on different threads, but,
    My Grand-uncle, Pte. Hedley Alexander Hyman, was with operation Torch in Tunisia.
    He was in the 5th battalion Buffs, Royal East Kent regiment. 12th Eastern div. 36th infantry brigade, 78th Battleaxe div. 1st Army.

    During the Algiers landings, he was in the floating reserve and as far as I can tell, came ashore at Bougie.
    He was part of the Run For Tunis, was also at Djebel Abiod, under constant Luftwaffe attack. Apparently, the German paras ambushed them at Djefna and held them up for 9 days.
    There was torrential rain and off-road was almost impassable due to mud.

    That's as much as I have gleaned so far.
    Pte HA Hyman died on Dec 21. 1942,
    On the eve of the final push to Tunis.

    I have no other information on my Grand uncle, but he is on the Medjez el bab memorial.
    Anything to fill in the gaps would be really appreciated.
    Thanks for everyone posting

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