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    On the night of 12th/13June 1944 Major General Richard Gale decided to provide relief for the Divisions involved (12th Parachute Division and Devonshire Regiment) in the Breville attack.

    To provide fire support, Gale was given a squadron of tanks from the 13th/18th Royal Hussars, three Field Regiments,the division's own artillery the 53rd (Worcester Yeomanry) and a medium artillery regiment of 5.5 inch guns.

    Would anyone know which Medium Regiment this was?

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    Do you mean 12th Devons and the 6th Airborne Division?
  3. Rob Dickers

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    If your looking at 53rd Division, they were under command of X11 Corps
    X11 Corps, AGRA was 8AGRA, so the Medium Regt was one of the following at this time: 61, 63, 68 or 77 Medium.
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    I lifted the intro from The Battle of Breville -12th June that Michel referenced.

    I was looking to see if by chance it was the 65th Medium Regiment as they were in support of 51 Highland and 6th Airborne Divisions on the 10th and the 5 th Black Watch at Breville on the 11th. No WD entry on the 12th but again in support of 51 Highland on the 13th.

  5. Not 53rd (Welch) Infantry Division which arrived on 28 Jun, but 53 (Worc Yeo) i.e. 53rd Airlanding Light Regiment, RA.

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    Thanks Michel but i am thinking that as the 65th Medium had been in action supporting both the 5th Black Watch on Breville as well as supporting the 51 st Highland Division and 6th Airborne in the period 10th to 14th June that there was a good chance that they were also part of the support force on the last Breville attack organised by General Gale. Having searched the various sources of related articles no one has named the Medium Regiment!
    Confirmation of their involvement on the 13/14th is what i am (hopefully) seeking.
    Thanks for you input
  7. Sheldrake

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    I have been trying to find documents relating to the battle of Breville on 12th June 1944,. but have not had much success to date.

    While the battle was ultimately successful and the firepower of the guns devastated the Germans, there was a lot wrong with the fireplan and conduct of the artillery battle. The late master gunner General sir Martin Farndale claimed that it was British artillery that hit the Paras in the FUP killing or wounding the entire command structure. There was also a communications error. When the codeword was sent to call for the defensive fireplan after capturing the village, it was interpreted as a call to repeat the assault fireplan. After captain Ward the 53 Regiment FOO was killed, his signaller, Gunner Allsop (?) had the fire stopped, fpor which he was mentioned in dicpatches.

    The fireplan was controlled by HQRA 51 Highland Division, though in support of 6 AB Division. The AB division did not have as good a communications and artillery staff set up as an infantry division. However 51 Div's staff were one level removed from the battle. One of the jobs of the Ops staff in HQRA is to check that artillery fire is aimed at the enemy and stop incidents such as shelling your own troops. That is much easier to do if its your own division.

    The G3 log for 51 HD or 6 AB div might have the information.
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    Thanks for input Sheldrake.

    As i found in the 65th's WD they were firing on Breville in support of the 5th Black watch on the 11th June and also in support of the 51st (H) Division on the 13th, both of whom you confirm in your response. It would seem to me that unless the 51st were also in action on other fronts on the 13th then the Breville attack is what the 65th Medium may have participated in and are likely to be the unnamed Med. Regt.

    Unless as Rob suggests they were part of 53rd Division/8 AGRA and the ''Medium Regt was one of the following at this time: 61, 63, 68 or 77 Medium.''

    I would think that there is a record somewhere as to the specific Medium Regt that came under Gale's attack.

    What's the G3 LOG to which you refer?

  9. Cee

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    Hi John,

    Here's a page from the "6th Airborne Division Report on Operation Overlord". Nothing specific for the evening battle at Breville on June 12th. Earlier in the day it mentions "DF tasks being fired by 3 Br Div and 51 (H) Div ..."

    6th Airborne Division Report.jpg

    Bombardier Leslie Allsopp here:

    Bombardier Leslie Allsopp

    Check out the WDs under 2nd British Army at the bottom of this page.

    War Diaries

    Regards ...
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    Hi Cee,
    Thanks for info.
    I have looked at the Pegasus page before but not explored the whole of the 2nd British Army before.The 150th Field is giving me some useful information that i need to study more.The page from the 6th Airborne is also of interest but again only mentions 4 Field Regts and one Med Regt. As yet no identification of which one but may come clearer later.

    Once i've studied you attachments in more depth i will let you know if i've added to my knowledge but it looks promising.

    Thanks again,

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    Hi John, if you haven’t found the info I can rule out 77th as they didn’t land until d day +9. Apologies if you’ve already found out but I’ve only just joined whilst searching my grandads regiment out.
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    Thanks for your information Greg and apologies for the late response.I have only just returned to the forum after a long break.
  13. Is anyone here still active please

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