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    Another question for those more knowledgeable: amongst my late fathers' possessions is a postcard as follows:

    Front: Panoramique vue o'Hyeres.

    Reverse: L/Cpl. Hart, Hubert Raymond - 5783763 - R. Sigs BD and School - MEF 1945

    Could anyone identify (a) the location of Hyeres; (b) R Sigs BD and School

    The other information ref my father is all confirmed (in triplicate!)

    Thanks to all


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    Quite a few possibilities as far as unit war diaries go:

    WO 169/20391 B.D. and School 1945 Jan.- Dec.
    WO 169/21872 School of Signals 1945 Jan.- Dec.
    WO 169/22561 Miscellaneous: R. Signals and I.S.C. B.D. and School 1945 Jan.- Apr., June - Dec.

    All 3 are within the MEF being designated WO 169 files. The top one of the three looks the most likely but the National Archives isn't always 100% accurate when naming files.

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