Bande Memory Committee seeking 6th Airborne Division Veteran

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    Bande Memory Committee are looking for an 6th Airborne Division Veteran who was at Normandy commemorations this year. They are holding a commemoration in December 2019.

    He is said to have been involved in interning the bodies of the victims of the massacre January 1945. He might have been from 9th Parachute Battalion as Napier Crookenden headed this up.

    If anyone knows who the chap might be do let us know.
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    Are you in contact with the 9th Battalion association? Try Mark Otway on twitter perhaps?
    I was at TNA today and went through the 9th’s diary. The burials were done on the 18th. Took a picture of a document relating to it but doesn’t give any names except the local man that alerted our soldiers to what happened when they got into the village.

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