Award Soldier's Medal Major Leo Koeningsbert (253756) Pioneer Corps BNAF

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    Soldier's Medal

    Major Leo Koeningsbert 253756, Pioneer Corps, Allied Force Headquarters (BS) B.N.A.F. (British Army).

    For heroism on 22nd June 1943 near Storee, Algeria. Major Koeningsbert observed an American officer in distress approximately fifty yards off shore. Realising the swimmer’s plight, Major Koeningsbert, at the risk of his own life dived into the exremelty rough surf and reached the drowning officer just as he was gong down for the second time. He succeeded after much difficulty in bringing the victim safely to shore whereupon he immediately rendered artificial respiration and after considerable time succeeded in reviving him. The heroic actions of Major Koeningsbert are in keeping with the spirit of mutual assurance which stands out in the Allied Forces.

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