Award MiD Pte. Thomas LORNE, 156th Bn Parachute Regiment (Arnhem, Escape & Evasion)

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    Award Mentioned in Despatches Pte. Thomas Lorne, 156th Bn Parachute Regiment, Army Air Corps (5671590)

    WO 373/102/393
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    Lorne jumped from the ambulance with his good friend William Ross and Sgt Thompson, also 156 Bn.. Lorne and Ross became separated from Sgt Thompson near Zevenaar where he was recaptured. They went into hiding at Coldenhove but when the resistance came to collect those sheltered there to participate in Operation Pegasus 1 they were out collecting firewood so missed that successful escape. They were participants in Operation Pegasus 2 but that was a failure and both were captured, spending the remainder of the war as POWs
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