Award M.B.E. Captain John Aitchison PATTERSON, 161 Railway Construction Company, Royal Engineers

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    Award Member of the British Empire Captain John Aitchison Patterson, 161 Railway Construction Company, Royal Engineers (96364)

    From the day of arrival in this Theatre, October 5th 1943, the Unit commanded by Major Patterson has been continually engaged on the repair of damaged railways, SALERNO to NAPLES, NAPLES to CANCELLO, part of line NAPLES to FOGGIA and on other railway construction.

    Throughout, the tasks allotted have been carried out with speed and exceptional efficiency.

    This has been contributed to in no small measure by Major Patterson's zeal and ability in organising the work and solving the many problems as they arose.

    WO 373/71/736


    Aberdeen Weekly Journal 7th September 1944
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