Award BEM Pte. A. McCormick, Army Air Corps (14962339) Palestine Acre Gaol

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    No. 14962339 Private Alexander McCORMICK, Army Air Corps British Empire Medal

    WO 373/70/61
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  2. Dan M

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    Great post...two quick questions.

    First, in the narrative, who is Private Thorne?

    Second, does Army Air Corps, in the context of 1947, mean The Parachute Regiment?

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  3. brithm

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    Here is Thorne's BEM citation for the same action, it was a name mispelling above. There is a slight difference in their citations.

    They are said to be from 1st Parachute battalion.
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    The Army Air Corps, during and for a while after the war comprised the Parachute Regiment and the Glider Pilot Regiment.
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