Auschwitz Building 24 ?

Discussion in 'The Holocaust' started by chrisdoughty28, Nov 22, 2013.

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    Building 24 I read or heard a little about this but could find very little detail any one out there know more ?
    On TV last night (Yesterday) in the last 15 it mentions building 24 and the fact was very little is know about it.
    Quote.Program intro.
    (Auschwitz - it's the site of the largest mass murder in the history of the world, yet few know the true and surprising history of this most infamous place, nor how it became an integral part of the Nazis' overall plan for the mass extermination of the Jews - what they called the Final Solution.
    Combining rare archive footage, CGI illustrations of the camp never before seen on television and dramatic reconstructions of the key decision-making moments, the story of Auschwitz and the horrific ideology behind it unfolds in six episodes.)
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    Wind your neck in please, Arnhem.
    We're in the one section of the forum where dicking about isn't overly tolerated.

    Chris's question's honestly asked.

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    Those poor women - I almost wish I'd never read this. But it's part (the basic part) of human nature.
    Arnhem - I expect they provided a similar comfort for the likes of you.
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    good morning von poop sm.yesterday,bld,24? #4.well said.regards Bernard 85
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    I am aware of what took place on the 2nd floor and horific as it was. My question was primarily about what was on the first floor all I could gather was that there was a library. For who and containing what was my question.
    The program showed a number of interviews with Sonderkommando that was shocking!

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