Audio comedy-thriller serial set in 1947 England

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    Hello all,

    Might I cordially draw your attention to Filthy ’47, a full-cast audio serial that pays affectionate tribute to vintage British comedy-thrillers of the 1940s.

    England, 1947. Former Land Girls Joyce and Kay scrape a meagre living as a cover artist and model for lurid paperbacks. While painter Kay prefers the quiet life, the tall and ebullient Joyce still resents being turned down for wartime espionage work on account of her height. However, Joyce belatedly gets her chance to “do her bit” when, together with two new chums, pilot turned pulp author Peter West and his old comrade Flight Sergeant Byron Bayley, she and Kay stumble upon a sinister plot to plunge the world back into war...

    For those who are at all curious, we have an animated promo video:

    All four episodes can be downloaded free at: and are also available on other podcast apps.

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