Artillery FOOs embedded with the Infantry on D-Day

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    Hi there. I have done virtually nothing on my research since this thread so coming back to it today I was thrilled to see your post and Captain Foreman's letter. Some of what he says about his experiences later in the War are fascinating. The delay he experienced on D-Day prevented him joining up with the 47th RM Comandos on their assault on Port-En-Bessin, and eventually one of his Troop, Lt Irwin fulfilled the FOO role with them before getting wounded. Of course he then went on to serve with distinction alongside the 4/7th Dragoon Guards as did my Father a signaller to the other FOO with the Dragoon Guards, Captain Munro, the D Troop Commander.
    There is a picture of Captain Foreman, with his tank, in the official 4/7th Dragoon Guards history, The First & the Last

    Do you have any other personal testimonies/correspondence from that source? Thanks Ian
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    Yes, Capt. Foreman MC was my grandfather. Some letters recounting his experiences and an informal war-diary recently re-surfaced amongst his personal papers. It mostly covers the period of Nov '44 and Jan '45 (Operation Clipper) but some notes from Normandy are there.

    Feel free to PM me.
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    Andy Hi
    Sorry its been so long to respond to your post but I have had to set aside my research for about a year. The loading table came courtesy of General (Tony) Richardson's widow, now in the EY Association archive. Tony was the GPO of D Troop on D-Day
    I have also followed up your subsequent posts and pictures which are fantastic. IMG_102 looks like the vehicles lining up before the Regiment's ceremonial march past before General Dempsey in Hanover 8th June. If the Troop in the picture is D Troop then my father is in it (its impossible to confirm as it is from a distance and its blurred). He was the OP Signaller in D Troop Commander's Ken Munro's Sherman which would have been on the left of the picture I presume, the next Sherman belonging to Tony Richardson, GPO.
    I am working on a "book" for my father's war so am following the fortunes of D Troop from 1939 onwards; presently picking up D-Day + 2 so a long way to go!

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