Artillery Badges 75 S/L, 119 HAA & R. Northumberland Fus.

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    I am trying to get my grandads medals framed and wondered.

    He served initially with 75th Searchlight Regiment during the early years of the war and thereafter with 119 Heavy AA Regt. RA.

    Would he have ever worn the AA Command patch and/or 1st AA Division patch on his uniform.

    I have plenty of photos of him but none include any badges on his army relating to his Brig/Div

    Thanks in Advance

  2. DanMorris1989

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  3. DanMorris1989

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  4. Why not use both if he was tied to them ?

    In the second photo it looks like the Division Patch as its a oblong shape.
  5. DanMorris1989

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    I did think that although this photo was taken in September 1942 when was with 377 Bty 119 HAA Regt. Struggling to find what division this was part of ... he was in Orkney and travelled back to west London to get Married
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    I presume it may be this Anchor badge he is wearing as he was protecting Scapa Flow

    These are a couple of his actual flashes he gave me although he never seemed to keep the AA Command Crossbow or the 1st AA Div badge

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  7. It's nice to have them. I have one patch from my Grandfather's Division too. The Anchor badges are Orkney and Shetland Defences District which you know already. Personally I would display those and the regimental insignia together. If you look at my media I have done a display box to give you some ideas !
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    That looks awesome. He gave me the lot bless him his dog tags lanyard buttons boot brushes everything. Even down to the envelopes of every letter he got.

    Also his LG badge I have too ... would he have been a Lewis Gunner in the Heavy Regt? As his wedding photo in 42 he isn't wearing it on his cuff
  9. DanMorris1989

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    Not sure what the bottom left one is?

    He ended up getting posted to the RNF in late 43 and after failing a medical for Normandy was posted up to the MGTC at Saigton and Blacon and saw the war out there

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  10. Owen

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  11. I am very envious that you have all of those items, clearly he was very proud of what he did in order to keep everything.

    I am not sure whether he would be a Gunner in the Heavy Regiment, best way to find out is getting his service records and going from there. If you have his soldier's service book it might give some information of when he passed as a LG. It's clear he's not got the trade badge at his wedding so it's possible it's something he passed during training on a later date.
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    Definitely I have everything here his pay book, service record and more even down to the decorations off his wedding cake.

    Will have a dig out tomorrow and upload some more bits as I know what most if them were but not all.

    Unsure why he had the St David's 38th Div badge too (the shield shaped one) and from what period hed have had it
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    He got the efficiency medal and is the only one engraved ... I remember him telling me he was gutted as he wanted Gnr on it instead of Fus. as he was fiercely proud of his Artillery roots and always said he saw more action with them.

    He didn't recieve his Defence and War Medals until about 2004 when I applied for them for him ... he was really chuffed.

    But like most never spoke about it and only ever spoke to me and nobody else about in his later life. He saw some awful things but did witness some interesting things too ... remember him vividly telling me about when the fleet raised anchor in Scapa and went out after one of the big German ships.

    He was a lovely man ... and one of my heroes.

    He was 1476251 Ronald Charles Tidbury
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    Might have served here perhaps? DSC09127.JPG
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    Yeah Grandad was with 470bty at Cowley
  16. hutt

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    It’s a possibility my fathers unit kept them supplied although most references in their unit diaries refer to supplying AA ammunition to heavy gun sites around London. As you can see from my avatar he was 1st AA Division too.
  17. DanMorris1989

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    Possibly ... this is great to chat to people whose stories sometimes intertwine with others.

    I'd like to try to get all of his patches ... I see the AA Command flash was only worn by staff until 1943 when it was dished out to everyone so chances are Grandad wore the same 1st AA Div badge as your father.

    Do you reckon he'd have had the Green or the Blue/Grey? He went in just before the war in August '39.

    I know he was a part of the Baedeker Raids too on the south coast. Think this was when he joined 119 Heavy. I remember him talking of a lot of action in Saltash and Exeter.

    I interviewed him a couple of years before he died and filmed it ... I must get it put onto dvd
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    Paybook only entries for training entered from October 1943 when he joined the R. Northumberland Fusiliers. Every rank in book is Fus.

    So nothing for Lewis Gunner training

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  19. DanMorris1989

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    Looks to me as though the last entry with the artillery before transfer was him marrying Nan in Sept 1942.

    Must've got his Lewis Gunner qualification whilst with 119 HAA between Oct 1942 & Oct 1943 when he transferred into the RNF.

    That photo of him with the LG badge quite clearly shows him in the RA

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  20. Steve Mac

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    Your grandad was posted on the 16 September 1943 to No 4 Infantry Training Centre. The No. 4 ITC was based at Brancepath Camp, nr Durham. It was the Regimental Depot for the Durham Light Infantry.

    There are historic connections between the Durham Light Infantry and the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers. For example, they both once shared an HQ accommodation at Fenham Barracks in Newcastle.

    Per Owen’s message No. 10, the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers are the 5th Regiment of Foot.

    Do you know to which battalion of the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers your grandad was posted? The answer may be on the page of his service record following the one you posted at message No. 19 above.


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