Artillery Badges 75 S/L, 119 HAA & R. Northumberland Fus.

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    I will have another look Steve but from what I can tell be ended up as an officers Batman at 26 MGTC in Chester.

    I remember him saying that he was attached to the DLI for Infantry training. I seem to remember him telling me that he thought he was put in the infantry training due to Normandy the following year ... which for him never came to fruition.

    Just also puzzled as to why he has the badge of the 38th Welsh Div. in his collection.
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    His paperwork I've just seen lists that he went to the 26 STC Royal Northumberland Fusiliers and thereafter to 26 MGTC Depot Coy RNF in 1944
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    The Dale (Chester) was the joint MGTC (Depot) for the MG regiments; Cheshire, Manchester, Middlesex and Royal Northumberland Fusiliers.

    In October 1944, the 5th Bn Cheshire Regiment was transferred from the 80th Reserve Division to the 2nd line 38th (Welsh) Division. Did he have a connection with the 5th Bn Cheshire Regiment, other than the fact that it was an MG Battalion and ‘Home’ based?


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    No connection with the 5th Cheshires as far as I'm aware
  5. That matches the date in his service book too "Rifle and LMG 7/10/1943"
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    Ahh yes never noticed although that doesnt give him a lot of time with the RA (uniform in picture) before he got chucked over to the RNF.

    that would be the period he was at Brancepeth with the DLI
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    I suppose that's how he came to be drafted to the Machine Gun Training Centres???
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    States Stanhope after the entry in his book ... Stanhope to Brancepeth

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    20200609_202131.jpg So by deduction would we say that this is taken in October 1943? As by the ended of the month he was with the RNF?
  10. The entry in his service book could have been when he was "classified" and resulted in him getting his Trade Badge. He could have been training way before this time. I guess the nearer they got to D-Day then job roles were being assigned ?
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    Right ho

    I did read that the heavy units had some Lewis Guns with them too so places well
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    It does sound as though he was on the LG before that period as I remember telling me they were gunning down near Exeter and a German plane dropped some of his load onto some land army girls (killed outright) at which time he vividly explained firing the Lewis at him as he was so low. I'm sure it was at Exeter and Saltash that he was with 119 HAA before heading to Orkney
  13. Do you know what Battery he was in with the 119 HAA Regiment ?

    Looks like they were based in that area in May/June 1941.
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    He was in D Sect. 377 bty 119 HAA Regt.

    Joined them on 12th March 1941
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  15. I found this in the forums.

    119 Battery of 378 HAA Regt
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