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  1. Does anyone have any information on the Army Gas School? My father’s records show that he attended the “No 9 (G) Gas Course” there in January 1943 at what looks the “Glenridelen Wing” with a “Q.1.” result. I have established that the Army Gas School was at Winterbourne Gunner but no details on the course itself. Thanks.
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    Might be a starting point


    October 1943 – BVHS

    Gas Training 1942. Reprinted with Amendments (no. 1), 1943. BRIGHT, CLEAN COPY by BRITISH ARMY.: (1943) | Island Books

    Army Gas School (World War Two) Page 1 RootsChat.Com
    Army Gas School, Glenridding, Cumberland

    World War Two names on Patterdale War Memorial
    The Army requisitioned the Ullswater Hotel and used it as as a Gas School training centre - they ran intensive three week courses

    (139) - Army lists > Quarterly Army Lists (Second Series), July 1940-December 1950 > 1942 > Fourth quarter > Part 2 > Volume 2 - British Military lists - National Library of Scotland
    Army Gas School
    Officer Commanding and Chief Instructor
    Instructors ...
    Instructor and Medical Officer
    -Educational and Training- -continued. 2821
    Hutchinson, Lt.-Col. (temp. 10/9/42) G. F., R.E 10/6/42
    ®Leuchars, Maj. (temp. 15/1/41) W. S., Bedfs. and Herts. R. 18/3/40
    ® Robertson, Maj. (temp. 6/4/42) G. P., R.A.S.C 28/12/40
    SSnowdon, Capt. (<emp. 6/4/42) E. W., R.A 14/7/41
    Randall, Capt. (temp. 14/10/41) R.B., The Buffs (T.A.) ... 8/12/41
    ® Barry, Lt. (war subs. 5/4/42) H. V., R.A 20/1/42
    ®Birk, Capt. (temp. 1/11/42) E. S., R.A 5/3/42
    ®Coe, Lt. (war subs. 1/10/42) G., R.A 7/3/42
    Wilkinson, Maj. (temp. 1/12/40) J. P. de M., R.A. (T.A.)... 11/8/42
    ®Scotland, Lt. (war subs. 1/10/42) J., R.A ,. ... 26/8/42
    Crow, Lt. (war subs. 1/1/41) R. A., R.A. (T.A.) 26/8/42
    MacMichael, Maj. (temp. 12/5/41) N., M.D., R.A.M.C. (T.A.) 26/8/42
    ® Wilson. Capt. (temp. 11/3/40) R. P., D.C.M., Manch. R. ... 26/8/42
    ©Hiley, Lt. (Qr.-Mr.) G. H., R.E 23/3/42

    BBC - WW2 People's War - The Gas Chamber
    The address at an end, we were waiting for the Regimental Sergeant Major to give the order to dismiss the parade by the order when it came was something different.
    ‘Staff Sergeant Perkins front and centre’ came the command and I stepped out form my troop and marched smartly forward wondering what more the C.O. required of his Regimental Instructor of Chemical Warfare. Some ten months previously I had volunteered for a course at the Army Gas School not that the subject of chemical warfare interested me greatly, but I had learned that Winterbourne Gunner where the course was set was a mere twelve miles from the Drome where Irene served as an ambulance driver in the WAAF.

    Figsbury Barracks, Winterbourne Gunner
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  3. Once again Dicky, many thanks for the links.
    I had suspected that 'Glenridelen' may have been mistranscribed and it should have been Glenridding and I think this confirms it. The length of the course tallies and the location makes more sense as he was serving with 207 Infantry Brigade in Orkney and Shetland at that time. I've attached a copy of the record entry for your interest.


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    The 'Army Gas School' was at Winterbourne Gunner for many years, though the title changed several times, to include nuclear and biological (and the other services). As far as I know it may well still be there. I did a course there in late 1967. I would suggest that 'Q.I' probably stands for 'Qualified Instructor'.
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    Theres very little distance geographically between Winterbourne Gunner and Porton Down

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    Héritage has a file of Army Gas School memoranda from June-December 1942 which includes a selection of syllabi.
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    Hello, this is a combination message from a new member, thank you for having me on board Hoping to fill some gaps in Father's war record, and a reply to this post from Stuart Cameron.
    I have recently received my dad's military service record for 1939-45. Briefly: CMP Provost Div, Guards Armoured Div, 6th Airborne Provost Coy, promoted to RSM 1943. During his 7 years service he was hospitalised 5 times, each time returning to his unit. The first 2 hospitalisations occurred immediately after attending courses of instruction at the Army Gas School at Tregantle Fort near Plymouth. On each occasion he was in hospital for several days and completed the course with a Q1 qualification. Research carried out on my behalf finds no medical records to explain these admissions. He never mentioned this, had no long term health problems and served as a healthy police officer until his retirement. I wonder if he was exposed to too much mustard gas, or reacted badly to it, and would be interested to know if anyone else has come across a similar situation.

    Many thanks.

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