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    Second photo down - What is the guy in the middle drinking, or drinking from? Or is it a bar of chocolate or suchlike with the wrapper pulled up?
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    Zoom in, and it appears to say 'Pilsner Lager'.
    in a tin shaped like a Brasso tin...

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  6. Belgian Dave

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    When I saw the photo, I knew it looked like something, but could'nt quite remember, but your right VP, Brasso!

    Owen - never knew beer cans came in such a shape.
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    Nice crisp photos. Keep 'em coming!
  11. idler

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    Interesting applique armour on the glacis:


    The headlight guards are usually welded to the front of the additional noseplate that can be seen at the bottom of the picture.
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  13. von Poop

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    To the Bundesarchiv:
    (Captions on links.),_Nordafrika,_Sch%C3%BCtzenpanzer.jpg


  14. Rich Payne

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    The Australian War Memorial online archive is rather good as well.

  15. idler

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    Not got his but there is a small photo in the profile of an 'unusual' uparmoured Crusader IICS with the extra glacis and nose plates and without the headlights.
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    Slightly off topic......

    If you put Baileys in a very clean Brasso tin, you can fool quite a few some of the time!!!
  17. von Poop

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    I am liking your scientific spirit. Hmmm. I wonder how bored I'll get cleaning the tin...

    Shall have a proper look at Crusader armour when back at the pooter. Half the point of picture threads has to be the details they can throw up.

    Loving that hawk picture, Rich. Two scrawny looking creatures.
  18. TTH

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    The last picture in the first post, with all the guys around the Crusader--note the M1919A4 Browning in the AA mount on the turret. A better AA weapon than the standard Bren, I would imagine.
  19. dbf

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    As there was mention of the South Africans in post 1 ...
    Marmon-Herrington armoured cars on patrol in the Western Desert, 28 November 1941.
    A South African Marmon-Herrington armoured car crew stops to take a compass bearing during a patrol in the Western Desert, 13 April 1942.
    A Marmon-Herrington Mk II armoured car armed with an Italian Breda 20mm gun, near Tobruk, Libya, 8 May 1941.
    Marmon-Herrington armoured cars in the streets of Aleppo, 22 July 1941


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    Nothing new in the photos from the Bundesarchive, but they are all so much crisper and clearer than whenever published before!
    Von poop, how do you do it?

    Interesting number "1004" on the side of a German 250 or 251 series half track. Does anyone know the significance?

    Keep 'em coming Von poop! :D

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