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    Finished reading the book 'The Next Moon' about the agent Andre' Hue who was stationed in France during WWII, as part of the Free French Group. He sounds very interesting, and I was wondering if anybody knows anymore about him.
    :) Please and Thank-You! :D
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  3. Passchendaele_Baby

    Passchendaele_Baby Grandads Little Girl

    Thanks Tom,
    Will look into it, we have a Human Rights Essay coming up, could use him for a point about something.
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    This may be very late for you, but having moved to France near Malestroit, 56140, Brittany, it was suggested that I read his book, which I did giving me an insight into the problems of living under occupation and of the resistance itself.
    There is a museum locally at St Marcel, to which Andre Hue has donated many items. I have just posted a new topic under the Museums heading. You can also if you are still interested use the link below

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    Just came across this info - if you are interested:

    5 June 1944 1 stick near Halliguen, 1 km W
    1 stick 2 km W Guéhenno, 7 km N
    Plumelec, (Morbihan), France
    France 17 men, 2 teams, 4th SAS (2nd RCP)
    Stick Lt Pierre Marienne
    Stick Lt Deplante
    SOE F 1 man (Andre Hunter Hue)
    Dingson (Pierre 1 & 2) Establish Base for Cooney and for 4th
    SAS. RAF Fairford stirling
    Emile Bouétard was killed. 2 sticks
    reassembled on 07/06/1944

    Page 71 -

    Plus from page 74:

    9 to 17 June 1944 St Marcel, DZ Baleine (Morbihan),
    France 47 men 4th SAS (2nd RCP) Cpt Puech-Samson,
    Aspt stick Georges William Taylor (CL) with Jed
    Dingson Establish Base. RAF Squadron 299
    18 men 4th SAS (2nd RCP) with Cdt Pierre-Louis
    Bourgoin (CL),
    RAF Sqn 196 & 299
    52 men 4th SAS (2nd RCP) with stick Lt René
    Lesecq (CL)
    82 men 4th SAS (2nd RCP) with stick Lt Roger de la
    Grandière (CL) with 4 jeeps
    RAF Sqn 196. 298, 299 & 644 Halifax
    St Marcel, DZ Baleine (Morbihan),
    3 men, Jed Team George (Cpt Paul Cyr aka Paul
    Louis Cartier, Cpt P.Ragueneau aka Erard & WT SLt
    Pierre Gay aka Christian Lejeune) with SAS
    Assist SAS in establishing a base for
    SAS parties to withdraw to with
    supplies, using local resistance to
    locate the base west of Redan, Brittany.
    RAF Fairford

    For information Baleine is the French word for 'whale' due to the shape of the field used for the DZ

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