An My Vietnam.

Discussion in 'Vietnam' started by David Layne, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. Kbak

    Kbak Senior Member

    These photo's are great, and the story, reading it I could imagine myself being there.
    Have you written a book of your experiences.
  2. David Layne

    David Layne Well-Known Member

    Not thought about a book as such. I am very tempted to write about the whore houses G.I.'s frequented and the tales that were told to me. Seems like whore houses are not discussed much by veterans but as far as Vietnam was concerned they were most frequent.
  3. Hesmond

    Hesmond Well-Known Member

    Actually not a bad idea one book that would go down well i always thought is Red Light areas of the world then and now from Great War WW2 and even before ,some buildings still stand not far from me in Amiens France, lots still in Malta The Gut all empty and rotting still with signs outside, then Sailor towns in UK like Chatham.

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