All The Victoria Crosses of World War Two

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    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    Wing Commander
    Service No:
    Date of Death:
    Royal Air Force
    44 Sqdn.
    V C
    Panel Reference:
    Panel 118.
    Additional Information:
    Son of John Hennah Nettleton and Ethel Nettleton; husband of Betty Isobel Nettleton, of Paignton, Devon.

    The London Gazette for 24th April, 1942, contains the following particulars: Squadron-Leader Nettleton was the leader of a bomber formation detailed to attack, in daylight on 17th April, 1942, the Diesel engine factory at Augsburg in Germany, a target of high military importance. To reach it and return meant a flight of one thousand miles over hostile territory. German fighters attacked, and only the leading bomber and one other remained to fly to the still distant target. Squadron-Leader Nettleton, with great spirit and almost defenceless, brought these two remaining aircraft, mostly at only fifty metres above the ground, to Augsburg, where they encountered intense anti-aircraft fire. Through fire from point-blank range, bombs were dropped on the target. The second aircraft was hit, burst into flames, and crash-landed. The leading aircraft, though riddled with holes, flew safely back to base, the only one of six to return. Squadron-Leader Nettleton, who has successfully undertaken many other hazardous operations, displayed unflinching determination as well as leadership and valour of the highest order.
    Casualty Details

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    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery

    Havildar Lachhiman Gurung

    Birth: Dec. 30, 1917, Nepal
    Death: Dec. 12, 2010
    City of London
    Greater London, England
    Nepalese World War II Victoria Cross Recipient. He was honoured for bravery in action in May of 1945. Raised in the small village of Dakhani, he was allowed to enlist in the Indian Army in 1940 despite being under the minimum height for peacetime entry (he stood only 4'11"). Attached to the 4th Battalion, 8th Gurkha Rifles in 1945, his unit faced around 200 Japanese at Taungdaw, Burma, on the night of May 12th. Subjected to grenade attack early the next morning, he threw back two of the devices before a third exploded, destroying his right hand and causing severe facial wounds. For at least four hours he held his post alone, loading and firing a bolt action rifle with his left hand. When he was finally relieved and evacuated, 87 dead Japanese were found, 31 of them directly beside his position. For his actions, Gurung was presented the Victoria Cross by Field Marshal Lord Wavell at Red House, Delhi, on December 19, 1945. After the war he remained on active duty, transferring to the post-Independence Indian Army in 1947, and retiring shortly thereafter. He returned to Nepal and farmed for many years, then settled in Hounslow, London, in 2008 after helping to lead a successful campaign to allow Gurkhas who had retired before 1997 to live in England. He died of pneumonia complicated by advanced age

    Sgt Lachhiman Gurung (1917 - 2010) - Find A Grave Memorial
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    From The Sketch 11 March 1942
    The Sketch 11 March 1942, 1.jpg The Sketch 11 March 1942, 2.jpg

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    From Illustrated London News, 18 July 1942
    Illustrated London News 18 July 1942.jpg

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    From Illustrated London News

    Illustrated London News 24 November 1945.png

    Illustrated London News 23 March 1946.png

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    Illustrated London News 13 July 1946
    Illustrated London News 13 July 1946.png
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    From Illustrated London News 23 February 1946
    Illustrated London News 23 February 1946.png
  9. dbf

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    Illustrated London News 11 May 1946
    Illustrated London News 11 May 1946.png
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    Illustrated London News 26 January 1946
    Illustrated London News 26 January 1946.png
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    Illustrated London News 07 July 1945
    Illustrated London News 07 July 1945, 2.jpg

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    Illustrated London News 08 June 1946
    Illustrated London News 08 June 1946, 6.jpg

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    In 2007, I saw the St. Georges Chapel, Woolwich, where the names of the VC's awarded to the Royal Artillery are recorded. At the time, I could not get close enough to get a decent picture.

    DSCF2850 (Large).JPG


    I'd forgotten that funding had been given to the memorial and work had been done to protect it and conserve it a couple of years later.



    There are the names of the VC's from the Crimea up to 1945.


    For the benefit of Andy, the names of WW2.


    Come on Andy. We should try and restore the missing images that were posted after all the work you did to start this thread.

    And I quote Andy,

    " I would like to take this opportunity to say 'THANK YOU' to everyone who has helped and contributed to this thread from pictures of headstones all over the world to words of encouragement when I first thought about putting this thread together.

    So far out of 182 VC's awarded during WW2 together we have got 142 pictures of their headstones which leaves just 40 more to get. Whilst I except that some may never be found due to cremations please take the time to have a browse through the thread and see if any are near you or you know someone who would be willing to take the time and take a couple of pictures.

    Once again thank you and well done !"
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    Pte.John Davidson from Maryport on the account of the action.
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    From The Tatler 27 September 1944, via FMP:

    FM Lord Gort VC & Major Philip Sidney VC
    The Tatler 27 September 1944, Gort VC, Sydney VC.png
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    As good a place as any to post these. The 5 Arnhem V.C's currently on display in the Hartenstein at Oosterbeek. I was lucky enough to be there last weekend and it's a very impressive exhibition. Interestingly, the 2 V.C's on loan from The Regimental Museum for John Baskeyfield and Robert Cain of 2/South Staffs are displayed separately alongside the replica which is usually on display at home as part of the medal set.


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    Very dramatic presentation.
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    Thoughtful way to display these groups. Quite an expensive little cabinet there.
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    Thank you for posting this. Cyril Joe Barton was my great uncle and I’m happy to share any information/photos with you, if you’re interested.

    Many thanks
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    75 years ago today.

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