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  1. Hi

    I am looking for photos and more information on my Great Grandfather Alfred Charles John Bellamy 5383679. He enlisted originally with the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire light infantry 5th Battalion in 1939 and then transfered to the Highland Light Infantry 1st Battalion (53rd Division 71st Brigade) in June 1944. He was with them until he died of wounds on 27th September 1944. He was apparently shot by a german sniper in a church tower in Middelbeers and later died of wounds. I was hoping there could possibly be relatives of his army collegues who could give me more information about him and what he was like. I know this is a long shot but desperate for more information about him.

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    Welcome to the forum. If you don't already have you G-Grandfather's records, I suggest you follow Steve's advice above.

    Here's hoping you receive a response you seek.

    You could also contact the Regimental Museum: The Royal Highland Fusiliers Museum Glasgow.

  4. Thank you I have a copy of his service records but they don't say a lot I'm afraid and his records are being researched by the the Royal Highland Fusiliers Museum at the moment, just seeing if there was any additional information on him. I really do hope someone will respond.
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  5. Thank you I do have his service records but they dont say a lot about him just the dates he was in the army and other little bits. Just looking for anymore additional information on him.
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    Hi Sarah Louise

    Have you tried to contact the other 3 family tree creators on Ancestry to see if they have more details??

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    Ifyou haven't done so, you may also care to contact the Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum as they cover the OBLI. Your Great Grandfather is listed in their soldier's index. Although there is a small fee for research they can provide details of the 5th Battalion OBLI movements and actions..

    Oxfordshires Regiments – Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum

  9. I am a part of ancestry how would I be able to do this?
  10. Thank you I have recieved their research recently on his movements but unfortunately not much more information on him :(
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