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    Hi Alistair,

    I doubt their paths would’ve crossed. Pte Scully would’ve done his 6 months initial training at the Regimental Depot and was then probably posted to the 2nd Battalion in Northern Ireland by late 1936 or even went out on draft to 1st Border in India.

    In pre WW1 days Special Reserve (forerunner of TA) recruits did the same 6 month initial training (likely different squads though) at the Regimental Depot as their Regular Army contemporaries but I ’m not aware that inter war TA recruits did any ‘initial’ recruit training at The Depot immediately following attestation.

    However I know that my Dad did a month long Signals Course at the Regimental Depot, Carlisle Castle in January 1936 (I have a photo of him with other Course attendees (various ranks) from 5th Border.

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    6211697, George William BARNES of 1st Parachute Battalion, he was wounded 8/3/43 which I believe was Tamera - he was awarded the Africa Star but also the Italy Star so looks like his wound wasn't too bad if he had recovered for Sicily. In August 1944 he was temporarily medically downgraded to C2 by 16th Para Field Ambulance so he was still with the 1st Airborne Div at that point - I'm thinking this may have ruled him out of Arnhem but I need to confirm this.

    On embarkation for North Africa he was on 3" mortars with No1 Detachment R Company
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    Latest addition, 326753 David HARRISON, originally Leicestershire Yeomanry, then RA (not sure if still with the Leicestershire Yeomanry after they converted or if he transferred to another RA unit) then on the Glider Pilot Regiment - he was in North Africa as shown below but not sure what unit at that point - Normandy and Arnhem he was 1st Pilot on Horsa's with Sgt Ward his 2nd Pilot - at Arnhem he was captured - casualty returns had said wounded and missing and the presence of the Silver Badge seems to back this up. For Normandy he carried either RUR or RAMC, for Arnhem he carried 2 jeeps of C troop 1st Airborne Recce. If anyone can add any info it would be most welcome - I have the Arnhem Raid report by his tug pilot thanks to Matt at the GPR society
    IMG_20191127_0002.jpg IMG_20191127_0003.jpg IMG_20191127_0004.jpg
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    Little bit of info added - I knew both Martin and Barnes were with 1st Battalion the Parachute Regiment and I have now found both were on 3" mortars - Martin with HQ Company (not sure if he stayed with Mortars through to Arnhem)and Barnes with No1 Detachment in R Company. I'll need to have a look at Reg Curtis book as he was No2 Detachment so will have known Barnes well.
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    1832 lee.jpg

    14533495 Frank Lee - of REME Advanced Workshop Detachment 1st Airborne Division, he was wounded on a patrol 21/9/44 and taken POW 24/9/44 - this is the same small detachment as Terry Lovell whose book was shown earlier in the thread
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    S/3856784 Harold LEWIS who transferred to the Army Air Corps in February 1943 and was posted to 6th (Royal Welch) Parachute Battalion and went with them to North Africa - I believe he was on board HMS Abdiel when she hit a mine and sank in Taranto harbour 10/9/43, about 6 weeks later he was transferred out of Airborne forces to the Welch Regiment then to 5th Royal West Kent's in Italy but he was only with them about 10 days when he was wounded at Monte Grande near Ortona by a mortar bomb suffering shrapnel wounds to his right shin, buttock and shoulder and having his right ear drum damaged after which he was downgraded and served as a storeman in the RASC.
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    1510894 Arthur Frederick Henry Morris - 159 Para Field Regiment RA, part of 44th Indian Airborne Division
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    1005 thompson.jpg

    1613183 John Thompson of 123 Para Field Regiment, again part of 44th Indian Airborne Division - I'd managed to miss this one before but was going back over the tracer cards that tie in with my AB64's to see what I'd missed and cross checking them with other sources - 123 weren't an Airborne unit for long, but he still counts. He moved on to 87th Medium and was wounded in both legs 14/6/45
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    1648261 Samuel Wightman PARK who was 4th Maritime Regiment RA before transferring to Airlanding Anti-Tank units, 1st, 2nd & 4th
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    2058 chitty.jpg

    6206866 William James Chitty who was originally with the Middlesex and was with the BEF in France in 1939-40 - he then volunteered for the Airborne Forces and joined 3rd Battalion the Parachute Regiment serving with them in North Africa (where he was wounded 28/2/43) he went on to serve in Sicily and Italy before landing at Arnhem by which time he was with the Intelligence Section and attached to B Company at some point he was taken prisoner
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    2069 KNOWLES.jpg

    4976561 Edwin KNOWLES of 8 Platoon C Company 11th battalion the Parachute Regiment - on 18/9/44 during the run in to the DZ on board Dakota 42-100896 it was hit by AA fire crashing to the West of Wageningen, most of the platoon got out by Edwin along with 7 others Paras and 3 of the US crew were killed - Edwins body was never recovered and was considered to have been lost in the fire. These 2 books seem to relate to his time in 1939 with 9th Sherwood Foresters. His Brother James William Knowles was killed in 1943 with the Sherwood Rangers at Wadi Zem Zem

    2069 KNOWLES 2.jpg
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    Yes, this is correct. He never mentioned details of the accident, but I know it happened before Arnhem.
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