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    William Leslie Aichingson according to the guys and gals at Rootschat is probably William Leslie Dwyer born 16.01.1918 to William Dwyer and Lily Cummings (married 1915 in Kentish Town).
    This throws a new light on the mystery but doesn't explain the surname on the CWGC gravestone.
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    Are you seeking assistance?

    If so it might be helpful to members to attach a link to the queried CWGC entry as it will list regiment and army number - if he was a serviceman.

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    There is no link as I don't know anything more than William Dwyer's name and the fact he survived the war. His son was KIA at Kledonk on Holland on 23.09.1944.

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    So it’s a family/genealogical rather than a military query?

    Perhaps the 1915 marriage didn’t last and Lily started a new relationship with Aichingson without obtaining a divorce, as it was expensive at the time, and your man unofficially adopted his surname?

    The pre war London voters registers may assist you to unravel the family movements and structure.

    Here is the link to his CWGC entry

    You may also find the answer to your query in his service record. You may want to apply to U.K. MOD.

    Get a copy of military service records

    Good Luck.

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    1939 Register
    76 Tibbles House, Chalk Farm, Camden, St Pancras
    Lily Dwyer b. 1893
    Daniel Dwyer b.1921
    Patricia Lee (Dwyer) b.1923
    (Patricia J Dwyer married Philip Lee in St. Pancras in 1948)
    Terence Dwyer b.1925
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    William Leslie AICHINGSON is on the Roll of the 1938 General Service Medal for Palestine as 409391 Trooper W L AICHINSON Royal Dragoons so he has joined as a regular in the period between the wars, being age 20 or so when serving in Palestine.

    William Leslie DWYER is listed on the WW1 army service record of his father as born with the surname Dwyer in Kentish Town.
    His father was Private William Dwyer of the Army Ordnance Corps who was called up in Feb 1917. William gave his address on enlistment as "no fixed abode" and his wife as next of kin at 35 Silas Street, Kentish Town. Discharged October 1919 to the Silas Street address after 3 months service in the Rhine army with a 30% disablement pension. No sign of the Aitchinson/Aichingson name on his army papers.

    In the 1921 Census Index this appears to be a whole household (sorry I don't have access to the full entry)
    St Pancras Parish, London
    Dwyer, William, born 1891 London
    Dwyer, Lily, born 1892 London
    Dwyer, William L. born 1918 London
    Dwyer, Daniel F. born 1921 London

    The family would not have been living at Motague Tibbles House at this time as it was not built until 1939. One wing was damaged by a land mine in 1941.
    BBC - WW2 People's War - The Blitz

    Photos of Montague Tibbles house are in this link
    Lost Hospitals of London
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    To save diplication of effort - OP has also posted on Great War Forum and received similar WW1 info.
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    Perhaps we need to involve the CWGC. Anyone got any idea how?
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  10. David Gordon

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    I wrote to the CWGC and briefed them on my findings regarding Aichingson's name and family. I was told that his mother had signed a Final Verification Form but had omitted his father's name.
    I guess we'll never know where the name came from.

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