Aftermath of Dunkirk in Colour

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    Some colour footage of Dunkirk after the evacuation. I am wondering if the London barge on the Beach with its sails torn is the "Ena". The Ena was salvaged after the war and brought back to Ipswich, she is still berthed at Pin mill and sails on the river Orwell.

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    There's a picture of the 'Ethel Everard' on at the moment but it's not her as she is facing North up the coast and yours has the port side visible.


    The 'Ethel Everard' was beached whilst carrying water supplies.
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    Another great vid 51. Keep em coming.
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    Cheers for that.
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    I'd like to add this rare photograph of a Coastal Command Lockheed Hudson patroling over the Dunkirk evacuation.

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    Great vid and pics! Thanks!
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    Excellent video. Am I glad I blundered into this site today. Many thanks.
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    Good vid indeed.
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    That was great, I would love to see that in it's entirety. Does anybody know what that originates from?
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    Here's a couple of pics I have on my computer.....

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