93339 Gerald TRIMMER-THOMPSON, MC, OBE, Royal Berkshire Regiment (Princess Charlotte of Wales's)

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    Personal Number: 93339
    Rank: Lieutenant-Colonel
    Unit: Royal Berkshire Regiment (Princess Charlotte of Wales's)

    London Gazette : 17 November 1936
    THOMPSON, Gerald Trimmer, described in the Receiving Order as G. Trimmer-Thompson, Cayton Park, "Wargrave, Berks.
    No. of Matter—6 of 1932.
    Date of Order—Oct. 8, 1936.
    Nature of Order made—Discharge suspended for nine months but providing Bankrupt consents to Judgment against him for £1,000 in the County Court of Berkshire, holden at Reading, suspension shall terminate at the expiration of 10 [weeks from the date of payment or satisfaction of Judgment.
    £1,000 paid in lieu of entering up Judgment. Bankrupt to be discharged as from Dec. 17, 1936.
    Grounds named in Order for refusing an absolute Order of Discharge—Proofs of Facts mentioned in Section 26, sub-section 3 (A., C. and F.), Bankruptcy Act, 1914, as amended by Section 1 of the Bankruptcy (Amendment) Act, 1926.

    London Gazette : 7 December 1937
    THOMPSON, Gerald Trimmer, described in the Receiving Order as G. Trimmer-Thompson, of Cayton Park, Wargrave,
    No. of Matter—6 of 1932.
    Trustee's Name, Address and Description—
    Salaman, Frederick Seymour, 1-2, Bucklersbury, E.G.4, Chartered Accountant. Date of Release—Nov. 23, 1937.

    London Gazette : 21 July 1939
    4th Bn. R. Berks. R.—The surname of Lt.-Col. G. Trimmer-Thompson, M.C., is as now described and not as notified in the Gazette of 16th June 1939.

    London Gazette : 22 May 1940
    R. Berks. R.
    Lt.-Col. G. Trimmer-Thompson, M.C. (93339). from Active List, to be Lt.-Col.-, 23rd Mar. 1940,

    London Gazette : 12 July 1940
    The KING has been graciously pleased to give orders for the following promotions in, and appointments to, the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire:—
    To be Additional Officers of the/ Military Division of the said Most Excellent Order:
    Lieutenant-Colonel Gerald Trimmer-Thompson, M.C., The Royal Berkshire Regiment (Princess Charlotte of W ales's), Territorial Army.

    London Gazette : 5 December 1941
    Re ELIZABETH TRIMMER, Deceased. Pursuant to the Trustee Act, 1925.
    ALL persons having claims against the estate of Elizabeth Trimmer late of Willey Park, Farnham, Surrey, Widow who died on the i8th day of July 1941 and whose Will was proved by Dorothy Julia Trimmer-Thompson Colonel Gerald Tnmmer-Thompson and Cecil Montague Jacomb Ellis the executors therein named on the i5th November 1941 in the Winchester District Registry are required to send particulars thereof in writing to the undersigned within two months of the publication of this notice, after which date the executors will proceed to dis- tribute the assets having regard only to the claims of which they shall then have had notice.—Dated this 2nd day of December 1941.
    ELLIS PEIRS and COMPANY 17, Albemarle (008) Street, W.i, Solicitors for the said Executors.

    London Gazette : 8 January 1946
    R. Berks R.
    Lt.-Col. G. TRIMMER-THOMPSON, M.C. (93339), having exceeded the age limit, relinquishes his commn., 15th Dec. 1945, retaining the rank of Lt.-Col.
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