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    Please forgive me if l have interrupted anything by going to the wrong place, but l only joined yesterday, and am having trouble finding my way around. l am trying to find out any information regarding my fathers service record in North Africa during the war. l have some info' from the records in Glasgow, but it isn't much. Can anyone tell me where l can get the history of the 45th Inf. Div. Signals regt, in which he served? Also l have three photos, one marked on the back "Amersham" the 2nd marked "83 WT at Al Alamein" and the 3rd, looks like "no4 Derma". Does any of this make sense to anyone out there? Finally he was discharged at the end of the war in Abergavenny, can anyone tell me why a Cpl of R. Sigs would have been sent there? Thanks for looking, Phil
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    Doubt if there was a 45th Inf Div in North Africa BUT there was 46th Inf Div in Algeria and Tunisia after landing at Algiers with 1st Army and so they were not at El Alamein nor Derna with 8th Army in the desert.....Abergavenny was PROBABLY the release centre for the Welshmen being released..try scanning what you have of his service records - might help

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    44 Division was at El Alamein.

    All the best

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    Andreas ........and were broken up afterwards..with only the Queens bde surviving to fight again - BUT NO 45th Div

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    AS Tom says please scan the service records & post them on here so we can help translate them.
    I get the feeling he was posted to another unit from 45th Div sigs in UK to another one in Africa.
    Wondering who 83 WT were?
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    45th (West Country) Div was formed in 1939 as 43rd (Wessex) Div's duplicate. Apart from forming a Beach Signal Section that served at Salerno, 45th Div Signals didn't serve overseas. Of course, it's possible that members were posted out to units overseas as reinforcements.

    83 WT could have been a Wireless Telegraphy Section:
    83 Med. W.T. Sec. 1944
    83 Med. Wrls. Sec. 1943

    They are listed as 'Middle East'. A deeper search might find a 1942 diary for Alamein.
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    Thanks very much for your help-not too sure how to put scanned items here, but l will have a go. Thanks to you all for your replies, l truly am having trouble finding my way around here. Even this wouldn't let me type without the script being on "strikethrough". Best wishes, Phil (Barumite)
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    High everyone, l have scanned my father's records, can anyone tell me how to post them onto this site, thanks Phil Barumite
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    l have no idea if l have achieved success with my posting of my dad's records, but if there is some kind soul out there could perhaps have a look at them and let me know if they can decipher any of the official wording. Thank very much to "proud daughter" for your help, Phil Barumite
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    I'm sorry Phil, cannot see where you have put them as they are not in your Gallery.
    One of the moderators will be able to help you I am sure when they see your problem


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