8th Army August 1942 onwards help please

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  1. burl

    burl Junior Member

    Would anyone be able to help me find any info regarding my grandad please.?
    name William G Burl
    info on back of postcard states following
    T/10697005 Dvr Burl W
    "D" Pln 396 G.T Coy
    R.A.S.c C.M.F

    I have recently found some photo's that my grandad has too.
    Not sure at the moment how to put them on yet but someone may be interested in them

    I am trying to find amongst other things , ship he sailed across in , any info regarding time in Africa. (have some photo's of him and pals plus the truck he was driven though I think these ones may have been once he was in Italy.
    Many thanks in advance
  2. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

    Here's thread explaining how to upload photos to the forum.
    We'd love to see them.

    I suggest applying for his service records from the MOD.
    this thread should help.

    Also looking at the unit war diaries will help too.
    Here's a link to National Archives with their refernce numbers etc for 396 Coy RASC.
    The National Archives | Search results:ROYAL ARMY SERVICE CORPS. COMPANIES. 396 Coy.
  3. Tom Canning

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    are you the one trying to contact me- ?- if so check your e-mail as I tried SHEDat Hotmail.com
  4. burl

    burl Junior Member

    Thanks for all your help Owen.
    I'll get cracking on the photos, and am just waiting for my grandad s death certificate so I can send for his records.
  5. Lnc Bmbdr A Peace

    Lnc Bmbdr A Peace Junior Member

    Burl, I don't know if this will be of any use to you, but my father was in the 8th beginning in 42 and sailed over on the Highland Monarch. I'm sure there were multiple ships making the crossing, but maybe a starting point....Tom & Owen are experts and will know if this is useful or not.
    Good luck !
  6. Ron Goldstein

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  7. burl

    burl Junior Member

    thanks for the info, any help much appreciated
  8. Idle Balders

    Idle Balders Member

    Hi Sheila. My grandfather was also in 396 coy, and I have recently completed my research into the company, so have lots to share if you want to get in touch.
    Grandad passed in 2014, and with my modest part of the estate, I bought a WW2 Jeep and marked it up as 396 coy.
    Hope to hear from you as I havent yet managed to talk to anyone with links to 396 Coy.

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