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  1. I was given my Grandfathers medals several years ago. In the box that they came in was one of his epaulettes. I know the division identification is that of the 78th Infantry Division. I have tried to identify the badge underneath id but with no success. Initially I thought it was a service of arms stripe, but have not been able to match to any that are shown online. It is a black/gold/blue stripe. Does anybody know what this represents please.
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    5th Bn Northamptonshire Regiment...regimental flash...
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  3. thanks for the info
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  4. Would this have been worn on a BD tunic at all. If so would it have been above or below the battle axe insignia. Would the Northamptonshire name badge been worn in its place or as well as.
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    I think these are 5th Northants and you can make out the Div sign and Battalion flash on a few (the Sergeants fairly central are the clearest I'd say)

  7. Thanks for that. Think i mat have found him in the list of names in the other ranks. His name was Thomas Thompson, as was his brother for some strange reason know only to his parents. He was known as Fred by everyone. I am just looking to see if I can confirm the address listed was correct for him, so that I can add it to the family tree.
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    There is evidence of it being worn on BD. Think I saw a photo from IWM of a soldier wearing it on BD but it was in a triangular shape - quite unusual. The flash is worn below the 78 Div axe.
    Northamptonshire shoulder title is not worn in Italy by 5th Bn as far as I know. The mudguard type titles (white writing on red) are not commonly worn in Italy.
    I will try to find the photo I mentioned...

    Here it is...
    5bn Northamptonshires.jpg
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    As an aside I see you have popped into this discussion Ron. Did you see the photo I posted of 49 LAA in 78 Div victory parade in Tunisia...?

    tunisia victory parade.jpg
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  11. That’s interesting. As I do 40’s events I want to try to replicate what he would have worn, and as accurately as possible. All the info I’m getting is great. Very helpful.
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    Hi !

    If the snap you've added above is it, then the answer is NO

    Many thanks !


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