7896607 Percy SOUTHERN, 1st Lothians & Border yeomanry

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    My Grandfather served with 1L&B between 1943-46 after serving with the 47th Bn. RTR . He was transferred to the Lothians after the 47th was disbanded after the Battle of El Alamein(operation Lightfoot).
    His name was Percy Southern,cpl. 7896607.
    Any information about him in the Lothians or RTR
    would be great.
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    Hi Martin and welcome !
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    Cpl. Percy Southern

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    Hi Martin, noticed your other posts regarding your grandfather, just wondered if you sent for his official service records that will give details of his service, only available here:
    Get a copy of military service records

    Once you have a timeline you could seek out the war diaries of the particular units to follow his path, unfortunately other ranks rarely get mentioned by name, so you may not find a direct reference. Can say that he didn't get mentioned in any casualty list for being wounded or missing at any time.

    A link here:
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    Hi Tony, ive printed of the forms for my Grandfathers service record just havent found time to send them off at the moment.
    ive have looked at the Lothians page , so much information , very interesting

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