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  1. Good morning all,

    I am looking to get the markings of jeeps that would been used in the Normandy campaign by the Ox & Bucks 2 battalion 6th airborne.
    Would anyone have any photos or marking charts or know of any gen ?

    many thanks
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    Photos are very rare, I can't think of any of airborne jeeps that I have seen that show the Ox and Bucks. However following the normal practices would have the Airborne division sign, Bellerophon on Pegasus on the square maroon backing on the right side, front and rear. The arm of service number 57 (in light blue) on a square brown backing. As the second senior Regiment in an Airborne Division. This would be on the left, front and rear. A bridge classification number of 3/2, ie; 3 above 2 in tons, referring to the Jeep first and a trailer second. Although pictures exist showing a single number 5. This is on a yellow circular disc. Sometimes taking the place of the offside headlight, or also on the offside metal part of the windscreen, where fitted. With the AoS number on the drivers side.
    The W.D. serial number in light blue, was carried vertically on the offside bonnet side and on the rear, usually on the opposite side to where the spare wheel is located, but I have also seen it central on the bumper. The number on the offside and rear only was outlined in Army Council instructions no. 2261, dated 24 October 1942.
    Large air recognition five pointed stars in a circle were sometimes painted on the bonnet. Smaller stars were sometimes carried on the sides either in front or behind the door opening or at the side rear.
    The only other marking that I can think of is the yellow 'centre of gravity line' for air transported equipment. See the attached picture. Jeep.jpg
    All of this info is available in 'British Airborne Jeeps' by Rob & Monica van Meel.
    I would think that it would be unlikely for all of these markings to be visible owing to the vehicles being usually heavily overloaded with equipment and stores. I hope this helps.
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  3. dml34

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    According to a document found in the War Diary of 6 Airborne Div and dated 21 Jan 1945, 6 Airlanding Bde was the junior brigade in the division, and vehicles of 2 Ox & Bucks carried AoS number 67 (on brown).

  4. Bodston

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    Did that change by that date, late in the war? I'm sure at Normandy the three airlanding Regiments were the 12th Batt. Devonshire Regiment, 2nd Ox and Bucks and the 1st Batt. Royal Ulster Rifles. In that order of seniority.
  5. dml34

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    Correct. 6 AL Bde consisted of 12 Devon, 2 Oxf Bucks and 1 RUR, with AoS numbers 66, 67 and 68 respectively (in Jan 45).

    I have not yet found 6 Airborne Div markings for 1944 at the PRO, but the Hodges & Taylor book quotes an extract from the 6 AL Bde War Diary of Oct 44 (WO 166/10727) which states that 2 Ox & Bucks had AoS number of 67 (and 12 Devons had 66).

    I would suggest that these markings remained the same over the 1944-45 period. Certainly in the case of 1 AL Bde of 1 AB Div. they did. (AoS markings of 109-113 were retained at least from Jul 44 to Aug 45).

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