6088517 Private Joseph Kane DOYLE, MiD, 2 Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey): 28/11/1941

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    Army Number: 6088517
    Rank: Private
    Name: J K DOYLE, MiD
    Unit: Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey)

    London Gazette : 30 December 1941
    The KING has been graciously pleased to approve that the following be Mentioned in recognition of distinguished services in the Middle East (including Egypt, East Africa, The Western Desert, The Sudan, Greece, Crete, Syria and Tobruk) during the period February, 1941, to July, 1941:—
    Queen's R.
    6088517 Pte. J. K. Doyle.
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    Unfortunately for him he died in a shitshow that saw 3 KIA, three MIA presumed KIA, 11 MIA and another 17 WIA, a misguided raid on two Axis strongpoints just south of the Bardia road, carried out by A Coy 2nd Queens with the support of 6 Matildas from D Sqdrn 7 RTR. Brigadier Willison (under whose command they operated) clearly didn't want for the raid to go ahead by Division overruled him.

    They ran in daylight into strongly held enemy positions and spent the afternoon being stonked waiting for the dark to retreat.

    The tanks lost 1 knocked out (Sqdrn CO Major Holden D.S.O.), 4 mined, 2 troopers KIA, 8 MIA, 3 WIA.

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