5th Division during Operation Husky

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    Hi all,

    I'm currently doing research into the landings of the British XIII Corps during Operation Husky - the invasion of Sicily. However, I can't seem to find, in any of the books I own on Sicily, as to which were the assault Battalions of the 5th Division, specifically that of 15th Brigade.

    From what I understand, the 6 Seaforth Highlanders and the 2 Northamptonshire Regiment spearheaded 17th Brigade at Fontane Bianche, with the 2 Royal Scots Fusiliers following up. But of the three Battalions (1 Green Howards, 1 York and Lancaster and 1 King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry) of 15th Brigade, I have no confirmation as to what two Battalions assaulted and which one followed up afterwards.

    I'm wondering is anyone able to provide me with this information and also on to what sectors of HOW Beach the assault battalions landed on (Green, Amber or Red)?

    Thanks in advance for any help / advice, it is greatly appreciated!
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    Here's pages 112 to 118 from The Fifth Division history by Aris.

    Hope you can read them ok.
    If you can't let me know & I'll redo them larger.

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    Hi Owen, thank you for providing them pages; they are perfect. They've helped greatly and are very, very, much appreciated.

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