5813 Brigadier Henry Dinham DREW, OBE, MC, MiD, Royal Tank Regiment

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    Personal Number: 5813
    Rank: Brigadier
    Name: Henry Dinham DREW, OBE, MC, MiD
    Unit: Devonshire Regiment ; Machine Gun Corps ; Royal Tank Regiment

    London Gazette : 8 September 1914
    The undermentioned to be temporary Second Lieutenants. Dated 9th September; 1914.
    Dated 9th September, 1914.
    Henry Dinham Drew.

    London Gazette : 17 May 1916
    Devon. R.
    The undermentioned to be temp. Lts.: —
    26 Sept. 1915.
    Temp. 2nd Lt. H. D. Drew.

    London Gazette : 1 January 1918
    Awarded the Military Cross.
    T./Lt. (A /Capt ) Henry Dinham Drew, M G Corps.

    London Gazette : 4 October 1918
    The undermentioned Lts. relinquish the actg. rank of Maj. on ceasing to comd. a Co.:—
    H. D. Drew, M.C. (Devon. R.). 16 Aug. 1918.

    London Gazette : 17 October 1939
    The KING has been graciously pleased to give orders for the following appointments to the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, for valuable services rendered in the field in connection with the operations in Waziristan, during the period 16th December, 1937, to 31st December, 1938: —
    To be Officers of the Military Division of the said Most Excellent Order: —
    Major Henry Dinham Drew, M.C., Royal Tank Regiment.

    London Gazette : 13 October 1942
    Maj. H. D. Drew, O.B.E., M.C. (5813), to be Lt.-Col. 2nd Oct. 1942.

    London Gazette : 15 December 1942
    The KING has been graciously pleased to approve that the following be Mentioned in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in the Middle East during the period November, 1941, to April, 1942: —
    Lt.-Col. H. D. Drew, O.B.E., M.C. (5813).

    London Gazette : 1 February 1949
    Lt.-Col. H. D. DREW, O.B.E., M.C. (5813), retires on ret. pay, 28th Apr. 1946, and is granted the hon. rank of Brig.
    The notifns. regarding Lt.-Col. H. D. DREW, O.B.E., M.C. (5813), in Gazette (Supplements) dated 30th Apr. 1946, and 6th Aug. 1946, are cancelled.

    London Gazette : 21 November 1950
    Lt.-Col. (Hon. Brig.) H. D. DREW, O.B.E., M.C. (5813), having exceeded the age limit of liability to recall, ceases to belong to the Res. of Offrs., 22nd Nov. 1950.
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  7. Andreas

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    Still can't get over the way the 8th Hussars are being dissed here. 5 RTR really didn't do much on 19 November (not 18th).

    All the best

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    Tankies v donkey wallopers. Rivalry ad infinitum. Been that way since Cambrai (if not before!)

    Kind regards, always,

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  9. Andreas

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    Yeah, fair. If 3 RTR's CO had had control of his regiment, and 5 RTR had engaged earlier, they could have dealt with PR5 there and then. Don't get me started on the Brigade commander.

    This one isn't even the worst. The worst is Crisp in 'Brazen Chariots' with utter confidence and non-existent levels of self-awareness having a dig at the cavalry regiments which can be summed up as "I lost my way, contact with my CO, had no idea where I was, ran out of petrol in the middle of nowhere and got to where I was needed never and into leaguer far into the night, but the cavalry are the real amateurs."

    All the best

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