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  1. David Shepherd

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    Can anyone help with explaining the codes on this record? (in bold italic)

    54th Tank Regiment
    Posted 50th Britallion Royal Tank Regiment 15.1.1942 54th 14/1942
    Posted "Y" List 18.2.1942 Royal Armour Core 38/1942
    Posted 50th Royal Tank Regiment 29.4.1942 Royal Armour Core 80/1942
    Posted X(IV)a ME 23.2.1943 XL/ME 922/1943
    Posted X(II) ME 6.4.1943 XL/ME 922/1943
    Posted X(IV) ME 17.4.1943 XL 1030/1943
    Posted 53rd Tank Regiment 12.8.1943 53rd Tank Regiment (T) 194/1943
    Posted G Wing AFVS* 14.9.1943 53rd Tank Regiment (T) 192/1943
    Posted "Y" List 4.2.1944 G Wing AFVS 15/1944
    Discharged 29.2.1944
    Para 390 (XVIII)a KR } "Y" List 37/1944
    Above para amended to (XVI) } "Y" List 100/1945

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    Welcome to the forum. Appreciate you joined last November but this is your first post.

    Thrre are various mentions of the X lists on the forum - just use the forum search engine if below attachment doesn’t answer all your points - albeit it is about NZ forces it applies equally to British Army.

    NZDF - X Lists and Postings in WWII Army Service Records

    Your XL/ME 922/1943 and other similar entries at the ends of various lines of text are the written orders/sources for the actions on the same lines.

    Y lists are explained in this forum topic -

    Info on Y List please!

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  3. gmyles

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    I have searced FMP for a casualty record but found nothing which suggests that this chap was hospitalised because he was sick.

    TR stands for Training Regiment.
    ME usually stands for Middle East.
    54 TR ROYAL ARMOURED CORPS: 54 Training Regiment. | The National Archives
    53 TR ROYAL ARMOURED CORPS: 53 Light Training Regiment. | The National Archives
    X(ii) is hospitalised (sick)
    X(iv) means fit to return to work and holding somewhere. Usually a reception camp, convalescence centre or redeployment depot.

    AFV stands for armoured fighting vehicle.

    When searching National archives for any info on G Wing returned this G. (A.F.V.) | The National Archives

    Army split it's command staff into sub-groups and they were lettered. "G" usually looked after operations and intelligence. So he might ended up working there as he was too sick to work anywhere else.

    Hope this helps

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  4. idler

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    It's possible that G Wing of a training regiment might be their Gunnery Wing.
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  5. gmyles

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    Based on idlers comment, AFVS might stand for Armoured Fighting Vehicle School.

    I also have a copy of the official history of 50 RTR which has a huge list of members at the end but have not found him.

  6. David Shepherd

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    Hi Gus
    Thanks for your reply. My father in law had so much sand inside him through being in the trenches and sand storms that he was taken to Cairo hospital for an operation. When he came round afterwards he was being given the “last rights” what happened after that is a mystery. I have sent off to Glasgow for his records. He was not a tank driver but a bowser driver. The info, including photos is so confusing. The tank museum at Bovington sent me the service card which has confused me even more, they say he spent most of his time in the 50th?

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