50859 Major Patrick Howard Voltelin de CLERMONT, DSO, MiD*, 8 King's Royal Irish Hussars: PoW, E & E

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    Personal Number: 50859
    Rank: Major
    Name: Patrick Howard Voltelin de CLERMONT, DSO, MiD
    Unit: 8th King's Royal Irish Hussars

    London Gazette : 29 January 1932
    The undermentioned Gentlemen Cadets, from the Royal Military College, to be 2nd Lts. 28th Jan. 1932:—
    8th H.—
    Patrick Howard Voltelin de CLERMONT.

    London Gazette : 8 July 1941
    The KING has been graciously pleased to approve that the following be Mentioned for distinguished services in the Middle East during the period December, 1940, to February, 1941: —
    de Clermont, Lt. (temp. Capt.) P. H. V. (50859).

    London Gazette : 30 December 1941
    The KING has been graciously pleased to approve that the following be Mentioned in recognition of distinguished services in the Middle East (including Egypt, East Africa, The Western Desert, The Sudan, Greece, Crete, Syria and Tobruk) during the period February, 1941, to July, 1941:—
    Lt. (actg. Capt.) P. H. V. de Clermont (50859).

    London Gazette : 23 November 1945
    Lt. (War Subs. Capt.) Patrick Howard Voltelin DE CLERMONT (50859), from Res. of Offrs., to be Lt., 24th Nov. 1945, with seniority, 1st Aug. 1938.

    London Gazette : 15 July 1947
    8th H.
    Capt. P. H. V. de CLERMONT (50859) from R.A.C., to be Capt., 16th July 1947, retaining his present seniority.

    London Gazette : 30 January 1948
    8th H.
    Capt P. H. V. DE CLERMONT (50859) to be Maj, 29th Jan 1948

    London Gazette : 29 April 1952
    The QUEEN has been graciously pleased to approve the following awards in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Korea during the period 1st July to 31st December, 1951: —
    The Distinguished Service Order.
    Major Patrick Howard Voltelin de CLERMONT (50859), 8th- King's Royal Irish Hussars, Royal Armoured Corps.

    London Gazette : 31 January 1967
    Lt.-Col. P. H. V. de CLERMONT, D.S.O. (50859), having attained the age limit ceases to belong to the Res. of Offrs., 29th Jan. 1967.
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    Name P. H. V. De Clermont
    Rank Capt.
    Military Date 1939-1945
    Regiment 8 H.
    Service Number 50859
    Description 21: Imperial Prisoners of War Held in Italy, Italian-Occupied Territory: British & Commonwealth Army
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    See also:
    • Obituary: Lt Col P.H.V. de Clermont, D.S.O. | QRH Museum
    • "In 1937 he left the Army to look after his family firm of leather merchants, but on the outbreak of war in 1939, he was recalled from the Reserve List and after a short spell on the staff of 7th Armoured Brigade rejoined the Regiment, by now in the Western Desert.
      He was appointed Adjutant and served with distinction, being twice Mentioned in Despatches, until his capture, along with so many of the 8th Hussars, at the battle of Sidi Rezegh and was taken to a POW camp in Italy.
      With the collapse of Italy in September 1943 the POWs left their camps and though many were recaptured by the Germans, by then in control of the country. Pat de Clermont and the Quartermaster, Charlie Hedley, managed to avoid that fate.
      Hedley was a sick man and after virtually carrying him across the Apennines that winter and thereby saving his life, Pat and he spent many months avoiding the Germans until they found an escape route into Allied hands.
      Pat returned to the Regiment as Adjutant to Lieut-Colonel Desmond Fitzpatrick just before crossing the Rhine and became Second-in-Command in April 1945."

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    Almost certainly captured during the capture of 8 KRH leaguer on the night of 22 November, together with most other officers of the regiment, including Lt.Col. Cripps.

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