5050828 Sergeant Harry SALT, MID, 1st Reconnaissance Regiment: 30/04/1943

Discussion in 'Recce' started by MyOldDad, Jul 31, 2010.

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    So the wheels are in motion - I will keep you posted.

    Am curious - did you ever receive a response?
  2. Owen

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    Can you download the forms for me (my printer is knackered) and post them to me please?
    I'll pay to send off for his records :)
    ( I received some birthday money from a dear friend, and some of it could be spent on something far more meaningful to me than frittering it away)

  4. 4jonboy

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    Have any members been in contact recently with Tom (MyOldDad)?
    I have sent him a private message and waiting to see if he replies, as I would like him to confirm whether he chased up his contact with the CWGC about this headstone before I apply for the service records for Harry Salt.

  5. Owen

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    I've just emailed him .
    The CWGC would have amended the entry by now as this is an old thread.
    The Attley date of death (see my old thread) error was corrected on their website within days of them getting the service records
  6. 4jonboy

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    Thanks Owen for the forms for the MOD. Also been in touch with Tom (MyOldDad) and received a copy of Harry's death certificate and the latest (2010) e-mail from CWGC, which I shall keep and forward to them, along with the service records.

    Will be posting forms to MOD tomorrow, hoping they won't take too long.

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    Hope all goes well with your attempts to right this wrong.

    I applied MOD 26th June and received standard letter 23rd July with "up to a year to wait" warning. Papers arrived yesterday 3rd August.

    Good Luck

    Steve Y
  8. Owen

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    Glad I poked this old thread now.
    I was viewing who was online the other day & saw a 'Guest' on it, had a read & thought I'd comment.
    If anyone else comes across any unresolved threads , bump them back up, see what happens.
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    From The Glasgow Herald, August 18, 1943:

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  10. 4jonboy

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    Good news. :) I received Harry Salt's comprehensive service records today (well done MOD, sent in under 2 weeks) and it confirms he was in 1st Recce.
    I shall be contacting CWGC next week and sending the appropriate paperwork.

    I'll post details up as soon as I can.

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  11. 4jonboy

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    Brilliant news and a quick result. It's made my day and I'm dead chuffed :)

    After e-mailing CWGC on the 28th August with Harry Salt's service records, they have corrected their on-line details to 1st Reconnaissance Corps.

    Couple of his service records attached, but I will put all of his records in an Album in my Gallery in the near future in case any of his family are researching him.

    Harry Salt 001.JPG Harry Salt 002.JPG Harry Salt 003.JPG

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  12. dbf

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    Great result, well done Lesley.
  13. Smudger Jnr

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    A great result by all involved.

    Let's hope that the Headstone is ammended as soon as possible.

  14. CL1

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    Good work Lesley

  15. Owen

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    Well done you.
  16. Recce_Mitch

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    Well done Lesley

  17. 4jonboy

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    Harry Salt's Service Records now in Gallery for future reference.

    Brief description:

    Harry Salt, MID, Army Number 5050828

    Enlisted in Army Reserve-Militia 15/9/1939 in The North Staffordshire Regiment
    2nd NSR Disembarked (France)BEF-23/4/40
    Arrived back in Leeds, UK 1/6/40

    Transferred to 1st Recce WEF 22/1/41
    Officially attested into Regular Army with 1st Recce on 6/1/43, whilst "in the field".
    Embarked UK 27/2/43
    Disembarked BNAF (North Africa) 9/3/43
    Killed in Action 30/4/43

    RIP Harry :poppy:

  18. Recce_Mitch

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    Thanks for posting, now all I need now is an updated Headstone photo when they get around to replacing it.

  19. 4jonboy

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  20. dbf

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    From War Diary: 1st Battalion IRISH GUARDS, September 1939 - July 1944


    Attached Files:

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