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  1. Hello everyone I am attempting to find information on a family friend, James Campbell, who SOS in India November 1944. He served with the 50 RA RES Regt. (Field) but was then posted to 158 7d Regt, India Feb 1945. If anyone has any information I would greatly appreciate it, or you could point me in the direction of where I could find some that would be great to. Thanks for the help and all the good work everyone is doing to keep this important information alive.

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    Did you take that information from a service record? If so it is probably best to scan and post the full record on here. I ask because the term SOS usually means 'struck off strength' (i.e. ceased to be assigned to that unit) so 'SOS India November 1944' is meaningless without knowing struck off who's strength.
    158 Field Regiment served with 23 Indian Division from 1942-1945, before transferring to 36 British Division. They had fought on the Indo-Burmese border with 23 Ind Div 1942-44, but were then withdrawn to India and did not see any further action.
    50 Reserve Regiment (Field) was certainly in the Ranchi area 1945-46, but I am not sure if this was a training regiment or something else. Needless to say that it never saw action.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply, I do have his official service record but cannot upload it at this point but will endeavor to do so soon. In the records it does say posted to 50 RA RES Regt. (Field) 28.11.44 then posted to 158 7d Regt. India 11/2/45. I do have his service number though 1636389.

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    It is most likely not '158 7d Regt,' but '158 Fd Regt' = 158 Field Regiment. That is why I suggested posting the whole record. The more of these records that you see, the better you get at decoding them. There are some real experts on this forum.
  5. I have attached the service record of James, I hope that someone can help me out. I was wondering if someone can tell me if he ever saw active service in combat. And why at sometime in his career he was demoted instead of going to a court martial. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Just having a quick look at his records they show he was with 372 HAA Bty (part of 119 HAA Regt) from 1941 to 1944.


    p.s. Can't see anything about a demotion.
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  9. I was just wondering if that battery saw combat while in India 1944-45
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  11. Outstanding thank you

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    See my previous reply; 158 Fd Regt would not have seen any further action after it was withdrawn from the Indo-Burmese border in 1944.
  13. Thank you that does clarify some things

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