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    Hi, I'm researching an Irlam man who died in September 1942 (Private 3600754 Edward Beddows) while serving with the above battalion, part of 23rd Brigade. From March to August 1942, 23rd Brigade were with 70th Infantry Division in India but on 15th August 1942 they transferred to "HQ 101 Lines of Communications Area." Could anyone explain what type of military unit this refers to and also where HQ 101 might have been stationed in September 1942?

    I was trying to find out how Edward died and then build up a picture of what his unit were doing at that period. As he is buried in Delhi, and I can't find evidence that they were involved in fighting, I suspect he probably died of illness.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    HQ 101st Line of Communications Area handled guarding the line of communications in the Bihar and Orissa area with headquarters at Patna and later Ranchi. It consisted of three sub-areas 151st Sub-Area (Ranchi), 152nd Sub-Area (Dinapore) and 153rd Sub-Area (Parbatipur/Cuttack).

    The 4th (Westmoreland) Battalion, The Border Regiment arrived at Bombay on March 3rd, 1942 and moved across India to Ranchi in April 1942. The entire division moved into Bihar around Patna in August 1942 to quell civil disorder. The battalion was first located at Patna and later at Muzzaffapur. It returned to Ranchi in November 1942 and began to train with the tanks of the 50th Indian Tank Brigade in December 1942. The battalion moved, for a period, one- hunderd miles from Ranchi for jungle training and also assisted the civil powers at Gaya. It returned to Ranchi two weeks later and shortly after moved to Bengal around Calcutta with the division.

    It appears that your man may have been killed during the rioting.
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    Thank you very much, a very interesting lead to follow. His obituary only stated he died in India.

    Apologies for my slow return. Shortly after posting the above I poured a cup of tea over my laptop!

    Thanks once again


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