4th Recce War Diaries

Discussion in 'Italy' started by Smudger Jnr, Oct 1, 2015.

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    A new member (Kenm) contacted me today regarding a relative killed on August 2nd 1944 Italy, who was in the 4th Recce Regt.

    He will be posting information and hopefully photographs in the near future, but I attempted to find out where and what happend to the casualty.

    From my first research I have found that the casualty was in "A" Squadron and was named in the casualty Appendix.

    However when looking at the War Diaries I posted back in 2009 I noticed thet there were several pages missing.
    I have now reinstated them from my back up disc, but would ask anyone looking at the diaries in the future to contact me if they think a page or pages may be missing.

    I can check my disc and reinstate if necessary.


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