4th Princess Louise Dragoon Guards War Diary

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    I'm looking into the service of Private John Anthony Klowak (B142103) who served with the 4th PLDG 26 May through 24 September 1944. I'm specifically looking for war diaries for the period of his service, but have been unable to find anything. I suspect the 1942 redesignation is part of my struggle, but if anyone has the relevant war diaries, I would very much appreciate them being shared.

    Thanks all!
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    IProject 44 has now started on the Italian campaign, then the war diaries will be part of their mapping project and you’ll be able to look at the route on their interactive mapes

    Project '44

    All the Units War Diaries are on Heritage Canadiana…….here’s the files they hold and also here’s the links to all the diairies……just click on the link, it should open the Reel for you. Their is no “search engine” on these files, so you’ll have to go thru them to find the specific date and any other info.

    14204, 14205
    4th Reconnaissance Regiment (4 PLDG) 1941/02-1942/12; 1943/01-1944/12
    War diaries : T-12648 - Héritage

    14205, 14206
    4th Reconnaissance Regiment (4 PLDG) 1943/01-1944/12; 1945/01-1945/08

    War diaries : T-12649 - Héritage

    14206, 14207
    4th Reconnaissance Regiment (4 PLDG) 1945/01-1945/08; 5th Armoured Regiment (8 PLNBH) 1940/07-1941/07; 1941/08-1942/12

    War diaries : T-12650 - Héritage
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    Here are the two pages of the War Diaries for the 24 Sept 1944. I’ll see if their is more info in the files for you


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    That's great, thank you! I tried Heritage Canadiana but had no luck. Thanks for your efforts :)
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    Found one more page, this has his name on it

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    What a needle in a haystack, thank you!

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