4th Battalion Queen’s Own Royal West Kent - Dunkirk

Discussion in '1940' started by Julia Tompsett, Jul 10, 2021.

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    My grandad was Timothy Dwyer (service no 2039376). I’d love to find out any more about his time in Dunkirk and how I can find out any more (i.e. which company he was in and I’m am pretty sure that D can be discounted).

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    Might be worth asking Drew of this parish for diaries , but usually they say very little or nothing about other ranks.
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    The majority of 4 RWK walked into the Dunkirk area and straight to the beaches late on 29 May. Most of them were evacuated the next day. A few spent a second night on the beaches before evacuation.

    The regimental history has very little to say as there was very little to say about this brief period. Indeed, it is all rather generic and could apply to any regiment there at the time.

    Perhaps, the key takeaway is that 4 RWK were not part of the defensive perimeter, they just walked in, waited a while, then evacuated.
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    Deleted, wrong man

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