4th / 7th Dragoon Guards

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    Some 4th / 7th Dragoon Guard names and numbers

    Sherman III, unless otherwise stated

    A Sqn

    Lancashire, Lancashire Ii, Winchester ( 2 Trp ), Newport ( 4 Trp Vc )

    B Sqn

    Shaggy Dog II, Dingaan

    C Sqn

    Shaggy Dog T152104

    Unmatched to Sqn / name

    Sherman Ic

    T263414, T263438

    Sherman III

    T151124, T151168, T151255, T 152212 Toronto Pam, T152662, T152950, T229850

    Sherman V

    T150263, T232405

    Sherman Vc

    T228496, T232296

    Shaggy Dog III

    Stuart VI

    T271322, T287750

    If anyone can see any errors or can match names to numbers or squadrons please post corrections.


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