49895 Captain The Hon. Brian Arthur O'NEILL, 1 Irish Guards: 14/05/1940

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    Service Number 49895
    Died 14/05/1940
    1st Bn. Irish Guards
    Commemorated at BROOKWOOD 1939-1945 MEMORIAL
    Location: Surrey, United Kingdom
    Cemetery/memorial reference: Panel 8. Column 2.
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    Name: O'NEILL, The Honourable Brian Arthur
    DOB: 31st March 1911
    Place of Birth: Astonbury, Hertfordshire
    Residence: 12 Queens Gate, London, S.W.7
    Parents: The Honourable Arthur Edward Bruce O'Neill and Lady Annabel O'Neill nee Crewe-Milnes
    Census: 1911, Astonbury, Stevenage, Hertfordshire
    Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 00.12.15.png
    Brother: Casualty Details
    Lt Col Shane Edward Robert O'Neill (1907 - 1944) - Find A Grave Memorial
    Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 15.40.14.png
    Royal Aero Club Aviators’ Certificate: 1937
    Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 15.43.03.png

    Personal Number: 49895
    Rank: Captain
    Regiment/Battalion: Irish Guards, 1st Battalion
    As at 01/09/1939: Irish Guards

    Orbats: Orbats: Irish Guards

    CWGC Link: Casualty Details
    CWGC Certificate:
    Theatre of War: Norway
    Date of Death: 14/05/1940
    Age at Death: 29
    Casualty Type: Missing, Missing presumed Killed in Action, Killed in Action (Chrobry casualty)

    Cemetery / Memorial: BROOKWOOD 1939-1945 MEMORIAL
    Memorial Photo:
    Memorial Reference: Panel 8. Column 2.
    Panel Photo:
    O'NEILL B Adoc5761737.JPG
    Panel List:
    O'NEILL B A doc4496773.JPG

    Army Casualty List (WO 417):
    49895 Captain The Hon O'Neill B A 1939-40 Irish Guards
    49895 Captain The Hon O'Neill B A 1939-40 Irish Guards
    49895 Captain The Hon O'Neill B A 1939-40 Irish Guards
    49895 Captain The Hon O'Neill B A 1939-40 Irish Guards
    The Times Casualty List:

    Campaign Medals:
    Medal Roll Details:

    War Diaries: War Diary: 1st Battalion IRISH GUARDS, September 1939 - July 1944
    Archive Files: WO 417
    WW2Talk: British aristocracy losses in WW2
    Publications: IG History, pgs 8, 10, 11, 35, 41, 43
    Accounts: Notes by Colonel Dowler & Brigadier Gubbins, Norway, April - May 1940
    War Memorial:

    The Times, June 4, 1940:
    "Captain the Hon. Brian O'Neill, Irish Guards, writes a correspondent, met his death under conditions that he would have chosen himself. He was deeply interested in science of soldiering, and active service under Colonel Faulkner - for whom his admiration was unbounded - was to him an enthralling and fascinating experience. His interest in whatever he was doing was one of his greatest charms. He enjoyed to the full such varieties of things as sailing, soldiering, reading, or listening to music, and loved to discuss them afterwards, but perhaps what his friends enjoyed most of all was his sense of humour.
    His death will leave a big gap in the lives of those who knew him well, but his memory will always be an encouragement and a help to those who survive him. All who can claim to have done so will be proud to have called him their friend."
    Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 16.38.50.png

    The Times, 15th May, 1942
    Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 16.42.18.png

    The Times, 15th May, 1944
    Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 16.36.01.png

    Irish Guards: Roll of Honour - WWII Open Resource Group
    Capt Brian Arthur O'Neill (1911 - 1940) - Find A Grave Memorial
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    Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 00.16.30.png
    1940, Before Embarkation for Norway
    From left, facing, Captain BA O'NEILL, Lieutenant-Colonel WD FAULKNER, Major CLJ BOWEN, GRAYSON
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    Daily Mirror 22 May 1940
    O'NEILL Brian Arthur, 1IG, Daily Mirror 22 May 1940.png
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    Ballymena Observer 24 May 1940
    O'NEILL Brian Arthur, 1IG, Ballymena Observer 24 May 1940.png
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    Personal Number:
    Unit: Irish Guards

    London Gazette : 3 January 1930
    6 December, 1929.
    The KING has been graciously pleased to ordain and declare that Brian Arthur O'Neill and Terence Marne O'Neill, minors, Sibyl Buxton, wife of Edward North Buxton, upon whom has been conferred the Decoration of the Military Cross, Lieutenant-Colonel (re- tired) Royal Artillery (T erritorial Army) and Mary Louisa Hermione O'Neill, Spinster, the only Brothers and Sisters of Shane Edward Robert, Baron O'Neill, shall henceforth have hold and enjoy the same title, rank, place, pre-eminence and precedence as would have been due to them if their late father Arthur Edward Bruce O'Neill (commonly called the Honourable Arthur Edward Bruce O'Neill) Captain 2nd Life Guards, had survived his father Edward, Baron O'Neill, and had thereby succeeded to the title and dignity of Baron O'Neill.
    And to command that the said order and declaration be registered, in His Majesty's College of Arms.

    London Gazette: 20 January 1931
    The undermentioned Gentlemen Cadets, from the Royal Military College, to be 2nd Lts. 29th Jan. 1931 :—
    Hon. Brian Arthur O'NEILL.

    London Gazette : 30 January 1934
    The undermentioned 2nd Lts. to be Lts. 29th Jan. 1934. -
    I. Gds.-
    Hon. B. A. O'Neill.

    London Gazette : 31 January 1939
    I . G'ds.—
    Lt. Hon. B. A. O'Neill to be Capt. 29th Jan. 1939.

    London Gazette : 21 February 1939
    I. G'ds.—
    Lt. (now Capt.) Hon. B. A. O'Neill to be Adjt. vice Capt. T. W. Gimson. 21st Jan. 1939.

    London Gazette : 27 August 1940
    Re Captain The Hon. BRIAN ARTHUR O'NEILL, Deceased.
    Pursuant to the Trustee Act, 1925.
    NOTICE is hereby given that all creditors and other persons having any debts, claims or demands against the estate of Capt. The Hon. Brian Arthur O'Neill late of 12 Queens Gate S.W.7, in the county of London deceased (who died on the 15th day of May 1940, and letters of administration to whose estate were granted by the Principal Registry of the Probate Division of His Majesty's High Court of Justice on the 22nd day of August 1940, to Lady Annabel Hungerford Dodds the administratrix of the estate of the deceased), are hereby required to send the particulars, in writing, of their debts, claims or demands to us, the undersigned, the Solicitors for the said administratrix on or before the 2nd day of November 1940 next, after which date the said administratrix will proceed to dis- tribute the assets of the said deceased amongst the persons entitled thereto, having regard only to the debts claims and demands of which we shall then have had notice; and she will not be liable for the assets of the said deceased, or any part thereof, so distributed, to any person or persons of whose debts, claims or demands we shall not then have had notice.—Dated this 23rd day of August 1940.
    CHILD and CHILD, Solicitors for the Administratrix.
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    36738 Shane Edward Robert O'NEILL, North Irish Horse, also Killed WW2
    132246 Terence Marne O'NEILL, Irish Guards

    Died 06/11/1914
    Aged 38
    "A" Sqdn., 2nd Life Guards
    Member of Parliament for Mid-Antrim and the first M.P. to be killed during the Great War. Son of 2nd Baron O'Neill and Lady O'Neill, of Shanes Castle, Antrim, Ireland; husband of Lady Annabel O'Neill (now Lady Annabel Dodds). His son Lieutenant Colonel Shane Edward Robert O'Neill fell in the 1939-1945 War.
    Commemorated at YPRES (MENIN GATE) MEMORIAL
    Location: West-Vlaanderen, Belgium
    Cemetery/memorial reference: Panel 3.
    See cemetery plan
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