4620644 Pte Frederick Robert Martin 1/5th Bn. Sherwood Foresters

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    Hi All
    I've just received my relative's service record from the MOD. ( over a year wait!) and I can see that he was taken prisoner at Singapore in Feb 1942 by the Japanese until the end of the war. But it gives no more information than that - is there any way of finding out which camps he stayed at or if he may have been put to work on the infamous Burma railway? Any information or assistance will be a great help.
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    Casualty lists state that he was reported missing, Malaya, 15.2.42, he was held in Thailand and liberated 2.9.45.
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    Thank you Tony56, very interesting.
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    John, Welcome to the Forum.

    According to the BRE roll at Kew in WO361/2124 he went up country { UPC } on a train leaving Singapore on 13th October 1942. ( my photo extract ).There is no card in WO356 which would indicate an atrocity or "Q" form. There may be a liberation questionnaire which might give names of camps. The IJA card can be obtained online. Someone on here can probably provide the last two documents. The Thai Burma Railway Centre may know more about him and should be contacted.


    Good Hunting


    WO361:2124 4620644.jpg
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    Thank you 'papiermache' for your information.
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    Just to let everyone know, I contacted the Thailand-Burma Railway Centre and they were able to give me a massive about of information and records concerning Frederick Martin - this is an absolute fantastic resource.
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