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  1. Evening all. I was wondering if anyone could help me im carrying out my research on my great uncle Fred he first started his service from 12/5/1932 til the 13/12/1945. he was in the 2nd battalion and also the fifth battalion of the east Yorkshire regiment. from what i can gather he only served abroad in Normandy in 44, i was wondering is it possible by his records if he could have served at Dunkirk at all as both battalions served in France at the tie of his service. i doubt it would be possible he served in India as that was the 1st battalion. would it be possible though if he would have been entitled to one or two of the jubilee or coronation medals at all please and possibly the Dunkirk medal. any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you in advance.

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    Hi Bombardier Frankish

    I've had a quick look at the above. I'm sorry but I'm unable decipher the screen prints accurately. Have you got physical paper copies of the service records or were these e-mailed to you?

    If you have paper copies, would you be able to print the actual records received, take photos of these and post the results, so that members can have an in depth look and advise further.

    Steve W
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    His medal entitlement is stamped on his record as 39/45 and France & Germany Stars plus the Defence Medal & War Medal - 4 medals.

    Unlike recent Jubilee Medal 2002/2012/2022 & 2023 Coronation Medal “universal” issues the 1935 Jubilee Medal & 1937 Coronation Medal were issued in far fewer numbers - often only a handful per Battalion so it might be that the Battalion Commander & 2 IC plus the RSM and the youngest and oldest soldier (in terms of service) in the Battalion received the medal. Every Regiment adopted an individual issue criteria.

    It’s unlikely he received the Jubilee & Coronation Medals but if he had done so it would be recorded in his papers.

    The Dunkirk Medal is an unofficial medal. From the papers you have posted it isn’t clear if he served with BEF in 1940 - you need to post his B103 form although the record of his postings in the bottom right hand corner of the 2nd form you posted shows he was in UK from 1939/44 and only served for 3 weeks in Normandy June 1944 - presume he was then wounded.

    However men who served in BEF were entitled to 39/45 Star - initiated as 39/43 Star (at same time as Africa Star) to men who had seen active service in the early years of the war.

    You often see men who were taken POW in BEF or in Norway 1940 with a 2 medal entitlement of 39/45 Star & War Medal.

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  4. hi guys hope this helps thanks in advance

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    Thanks for the further record extract. As Tullybrone (Steve) points out above, the summary of his service (bottom right) indicates that he remained in the UK until D-Day.

    It is possible that although 2 East Yorks went to France as part of the B.E.F., he was "Left Out of Battle" and held back in the UK as part of a Reserve (i.e. a battle reinforcement), however the German advance and subsequent evacuation possibly intervened hence the continuous period 1/9/39 to 2/6/44. (see note below)

    You mention the 5th Battalion, however I think you are referring the entry 5 I.T.C. - this refers to No.5 Infantry Training Centre, a temporary posting before a posting back to the 2nd Battalion.

    Again as Tullybrone suggests the B103 would clarify matters.

    Steve W

    Edit - reference his UK service, depending on his age he could have remained on the home establishment of the E Yorkshire Regiment, but attached to the Depot or similar in a training role due to his period of Regular service and temporary recall to the Colours between 15/6/39 and 15/8/39? Similarly his posting to No 5 I.T.C. between 30/8/41 and 9/9/41, which was responsible for training men of the E Yorkshire Regiment.
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