3596685 Cpl Joseph HALL, DCM, Royal Irish Fusiliers, 1 Border Regiment: Escaper [KIA 1943]

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    I’ve been looking through books that had not been out of storage boxes in an age.

    And it’s been a long time since my eyes fell upon a photograph that caused a very sharp intake of breath.

    The price paid in war, the sacrifice.

    Every one a mother’s son, and many themselves fathers too.

    So, for dbf’s much appreciated, and I hope continuing labour, face(s) to a name on a list.

    From previously on this thread, No. 189, Lance Corporal Joseph Hall DCM, Royal Irish Fusiliers.

    All below from “When Dragons Flew, An illustrated history of The 1st Battalion The Border Regiment 1939 – 1945” by Stuart Eastwood, Charles Gray, and Alan Green. Many thanks to the authors and the Border Regiment Museum.

    Kind regards, always remember, never forget,


    Lance Corporal Joseph Hall 1.jpg
    Lance Corporal Joseph Hall 2.jpg

    Lance Corporal Joseph Hall 3.jpg
    Lance Corporal Joseph Hall 4.jpg
    Lance Corporal Joseph Hall 5.jpg
    Lance Corporal Joseph Hall 6.jpg
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    Cpl. Joseph Hall, DCM (3596685) 1st Bn, Border Regiment

    The photograph shows Hall combing his daughter Josephine's hair at an Investiture at Buckingham Palace where he received a DCM for his escape. His battledress shows badges of the 1st Border Regiment, 1st Airlanding Brigade, 1st Airborne Division, APTC instructor. This photograph was from Brian L. Davis archive and appears in his book British Army Uniforms & Insignia of World War Two

    Mark Hickman kindly got this from his copy of When Dragon's Flew

    Hall was KIA 6th August 1943 aged 28 in Sicily a few months later in December 1943 his second daughter, Brenda, was born and later in April 1944 his first daughter Josephine died. Looks like he didn't serve with 1st Airborne Division in Sicily.

    Born 1915

    Married Nellie Mary Burt 1938 (b. 22 December 1916 Prescot d. Aug 2002) Blackpool, Methodist Church (Raikes Parade) Lancashire, who remarried William Pierrpoint.

    Josephine E. Hall born 1939 died April 1944 aged 5.

    Brenda M. Hall (b. December 1943)

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    If the date of death is correct, Fusilier Joseph Hall probably died as a result of wounds suffered during the previous 4 days of fighting for the Faughs at Centuripe or at the Salso or the Simeto rivers.

    Update edit: it appears that the date of death "should" have been stated as 5th August '43 - therefore at the Simeto..
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