2nd Wilts 1944/45

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    hi,my dad was in the 2nd battalion wiltshire regiment in ww2 he was stationed in various locations inc italy palistine,but ended up in germany in 1944/45 att 43rd wessex battleschool,lunaburg in 1945 has anyone got info on him or anyone that served with him?his name was corporal john elliott 5577378.
    i have a collection of photos of him with his battalion would be nice to know who they were or if any are still with us. thanks
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    I moved this to its own thread so it doesn't get lost. We would love to see your photos, and hopefully we can help with them, too.
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    welcome to the forum
    would love to see those photos.
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    could you post some of the photos please
  5. Owen

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    Sadly the thread starter never came back to post them.
    Last Activity: 27-12-2009 07:47 PM
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